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Klipsch is a US loudspeaker company that does not conform to typical loudspeaker design - they're all about live music, and getting their products to put you as close to the band as possible. Founded in 1946 Klipsch have found recent form, and they are going places. Watch this space for some new products under development that will transfer you to the centre of your favourite concert. Their recent partnership with Kings of Leon bears witness to just how serious they are about music.


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Klipsch AW-525 - Outdoor Speaker - Pair
Klipsch AW525 Out-Door Speaker The AW-525 all-weather loudspeaker brings clean clear dynamic Klipsc..
R7,990.00 R7,191.00
Klipsch AW-650 OutDoor Speaker - Pair
Klipsch Klipsch AW-650 OutDoor Speaker Whether you want to enjoy your favorite music by the pool, o..
R10,290.00 R9,261.00
Klipsch AWR-650-SM - Outdoor Rock Speaker - Each
Satisfy your summertime urge to rock out. The AWR-650-SM speaker from Klipsch packs over six decades..
R7,990.00 R7,191.00
Klipsch CDT-2800-C II - Reference Series In-Ceiling Speaker - Each
With integrated whole-house audio systems becoming more popular than ever, Klipsch designed the CDT-..
Klipsch CDT-3650-C II - Reference Series In-Ceiling Speaker - Each
With integrated whole-house audio systems becoming more popular than ever, Klipsch designed the CDT-..
Klipsch CDT-3800-C II - Reference Series In-Ceiling Speaker - Each
With integrated whole-house audio systems becoming more popular than ever, Klipsch designed the CDT-..
Klipsch CDT-5800-C II - Reference Series In-Ceiling Speaker - Each
With integrated whole-house audio systems becoming more popular than ever, Klipsch designed the CDT-..
Klipsch CP-6 - Outdoor Speaker - Pair
Klipsch Klipsch CP6 OutDoor Speaker The Klipsch Compact Performance Series CP-6 is a versatile spea..
R6,890.00 R6,201.00
Klipsch CP-6T - Outdoor Speakers - Each
The Klipsch Compact Performance Series CP-6T is a versatile 70/100 Volt speaker that brings powerful..
R8,490.00 R7,841.00
Klipsch Gallery G-12 Flat Panel Speaker
R3,990.00 R3,591.00
Klipsch Gallery G-16 Flat Panel Speaker
R5,990.00 R5,391.00
Klipsch Gallery G-28 Flat Panel Speaker
HIGHEST PERFORMANCE KLIPSCH GALLERY™ SPEAKER Klipsch Gallery Speakers are a sonic compliment to the..
R9,890.00 R8,901.00
Klipsch Gallery G-42 Soundbar
The time has come to kiss those under-performing TV speakers goodbye thanks to the Klipsch® Gallery™..
R13,990.00 R12,591.00
Klipsch HD Control Center - Reference Premiere HD Wireless Control Center
The Klipsch HD Control Center creates its own dedicated network. Reference Premiere HD Wireless spea..
R10,990.00 R9,891.00
Klipsch Image S4i II - Apple In-Ear Headphones
Bring your iTunes playlist to life with the legendary sound of the Image S4i headphones. Designed fo..
R770.00 R590.00
Klipsch Image S4i Rugged In-Ear Headphones
The new Image S4i Rugged Headphones utilize tough rubber moldings and an all-weather design to prote..
R770.00 R590.00
Klipsch KA-1000 - THX Amplifier
The KA-1000-THX subwoofer amplifier is the powerful driving force behind the new Klipsch THX® Ultra2..
R25,590.00 R23,031.00
Klipsch KG-200 - Pro Audio Wired Gaming Headset
As makers of legendary headphones and the world’s best home and pro cinema speakers, our acoustic ge..
R1,890.00 R1,701.00
Klipsch KL-525 - THX Bookshelf Speaker
By using the same research and development used to create its professional cinema systems, Klipsch h..
Klipsch KL-650 - THX Bookshelf Speaker
As a leading supplier of high-performance cinema speaker systems, Klipsch knows how to make the most..
Klipsch KL-6502 - THX In Wall Speaker
One of the world's first THX® Select2-certified in-wall speakers the KL-6502-THX not only delivers c..
Klipsch KL-6504  - THX In-Wall Speaker
Delivering music and home theater performances equivalent to a high-end floorstander, the KL-6504-TH..
Klipsch KL-7502 - THX In-Ceiling Speaker - Each
Klipsch KL-7502-THX In-Ceiling Speaker Armed with explosive dynamics that won't disrupt your home's..
Klipsch KS-525 - THX Surround Speakers - Pair
As part of the THX® Ultra2 family, the KS-525-THX surround loudspeaker with Klipsch Wide Dispersion ..
Klipsch KS-7800 - THX In-Wall Speaker
Developed to bring a whole new dimension of reality to home theater, the Klipsch KS-7800-THX offers ..
Klipsch KW-120 - THX Subwoofer
The world's finest theater operators choose Klipsch cinema systems because they deliver the full imp..
Klipsch R-110SW - Subwoofer
The R-110SW subwoofer is a must have addition to your home audio entertainment. Ideal for high perfo..
R9,990.00 R8,991.00
Klipsch R-112SW - Subwoofer
Get ready to be moved. The R-112SW subwoofer lets you feel the impact of your favorite music and mov..
R12,990.00 R11,691.00
Klipsch R-2650-CSM II - Reference Series In-Ceiling Speaker - Each
The R-2650-CSM II is the perfect sound solution for smaller areas that can only accommodate one phys..
Klipsch R-2650-W II - Reference Series In-Wall Speaker - Each
By upholding the same best-in-class standards as all Klipsch products, the R-2650-W II loudspeaker m..
Klipsch R15PM - Powered Monitor Stereo Speakers - Pair
The R-15PM powered monitors deliver room-filling sound without taking up much space. This highly eff..
R8,990.00 R8,090.00
Klipsch R6M In-ear Earphones
The same advanced acoustic engineering and industrial design from our legendary Reference home theat..
R1,100.00 R990.00
Klipsch Reference KG-100 - Gaming Headphones
Plug into your games like never before with the Klipsch Reference KG-100 gaming headphones. It's com..
R1,590.00 R1,431.00
Klipsch Reference On-ear BT
Built with the same acoustic signature as our award-winning Reference Series headphones, Reference O..
R3,250.00 R2,930.00
Klipsch Reference On-Ear Headphone - Quality Headphone
The new standard in on-ear headphones combines comfort and sound quality into a compact package. Not..
R2,590.00 R2,331.00
Klipsch Reference Over Ear BT Headphones
The Klipsch Reference Over-Ear Bluetooth® headphones utilize Klipsch's Balanced Dynamic (KBD) driver..
R3,950.00 R3,560.00
Klipsch Reference Over Ear Headphones
Using Klipsch's Balanced Dynamic (KBD) driver technology, the fully balanced drivers move like a pis..
R3,450.00 R3,110.00
Klipsch Reference Premiere R-115SW Subwoofer
Klipsch R-115SW Subwoofer The R-115SW subwoofer is the perfect combination of power, sophisticated ..
R17,990.00 R16,191.00
Klipsch Reference R-10SW - Subwoofer
The R-10SW subwoofer is the ideal companion whether you're looking to achieve a 5.1 system or a 5.1 ..
R6,490.00 R5,841.00
Klipsch Reference R-12SW - Subwoofer
The R-12SW subwoofer uncovers what you've been missing in your music, movies and games -- clean ches..
R7,390.00 R6,651.00
Klipsch Reference R-14M - Bookshelf Speakers - Pair
Get power and versatility in a small package. The R-14M monitor speaker packs a mean punch even for ..
R3,990.00 R3,591.00
Klipsch Reference R-14S - Surround Speakers - Pair
This “go big or go home” speaker delivers the ideal surround sound experience and makes sure you fee..
R4,590.00 R4,131.00
Klipsch Reference R-24F Floor Standing Speakers - Pair
The R-24F floorstanding speaker is able to fill a small to medium sized room with unparralled sound...
R9,490.00 R8,541.00
Klipsch Reference R-25C - Centre Speaker
The center channel is the unsung hero of a home theater system, delivering over 60% of a movie’s sou..
R3,990.00 R3,591.00
Klipsch Reference R-26F - Floor Standing Speaker - Pair
The R-26F floorstanding speaker is jam-packed with the best in audio technology for room-filling, au..
R11,490.00 R10,341.00
Klipsch Reference R-28F - High Performance Floor Standing Speakers - Pair
Providing superior Reference Series performance, the R-28F floorstanding speaker is the largest high..
R13,990.00 R12,591.00
Klipsch Reference RF-7 II - Floor Standing Speaker - Pair
The ultimate in Reference Series performance, the RF-7 II tower speaker lets you experience the true..
R74,190.00 R66,771.00
Klipsch RP-110WSW - Reference Premiere HD Wireless Subwoofer
The Reference Premiere HD Wireless Subwoofer connects wirelessly to your HD Control Center and adds ..
R15,990.00 R14,391.00
Klipsch RP-140SA - Reference Premiere Dolby Atmos Elevation Speakers
The Reference Premiere RP-140SA Dolby Atmos® enabled elevation speaker effortlessly adds the Dolby A..
R9,790.00 R8,811.00
Klipsch RP-250F Reference Premiere Floorstanding Speaker
Klipsch RP-250F Reference Premiere Floorstanding Speaker The Reference Premiere RP-250F is the most..
R14,990.00 R13,491.00
Klipsch RP-280F - Floor Standing Speaker - Pair
The Reference Premiere RP-280F floorstanding speaker is the largest in the Reference Premiere family..
R24,190.00 R21,771.00
Klipsch RP-280FA - Dolby Atmos Enabled Floor Standing Speaker - Pair
Built upon the same technology and power as our RP-280F floorstanding speaker, but with an elevation..
R46,990.00 R42,291.00

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