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Audico have the largest selection of Centre Speakers in South Africa. Choose from the several high-end brands we represent, all having thier own unique features in sound and asthetics.

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Boston Acoustics A225C - Centre Speaker - Black
2-Way Dual 5-1/4" Center Channel Speaker that features High-contrast finish with scratch res..
R2,675.00 R2,400.00
Boston Acoustics CS 225C ii - Center Speaker
  OVERVIEW Offering exceptional sound at an affordable price, the Boston Acoustics CS 225..
R1,790.00 R1,610.00
Bowers and Wilkins CM Centre - Centre Speaker
Bowers & Wilkins CM Centre   The two-way CM Centre features two 130mm Kevlar® cone dr..
R10,990.00 R9,990.00
Bowers and Wilkins CM Centre 2
If you want to get the most from your movies, the CM Centre 2 is an ideal match for a pair of floors..
R19,990.00 R17,990.00
Bowers and Wilkins HTM2 Diamond D3 - Compact Center Speaker
The highly capable HTM2 D3 centre speaker is the ideal partner for the smaller speakers in the 800 S..
Bowers and Wilkins HTM61 S2 - New 600 Series Centre Speaker
The perfect partner for the 683 S2 in a commanding home theatre system, this true three-way centre s..
R11,990.00 R9,990.00
Bowers and Wilkins HTM62 S2 - New 600 Series Centre Speaker
Ideal at the centre of most home theatre systems, the HTM62 S2 is the smaller centre speaker that st..
R7,390.00 R5,990.00
Dali Epicon Vokal - Centre Speaker
SMC Technology Advanced Soft Magnetic Compound (SMC), which eliminates variation of flux strength..
R79,000.00 R71,100.00
Dali Ikon Vokal 2 MK2 - Centre Speaker
IKON VOKAL 2 MK2   The centre loudspeaker covers the single most important zone in surrou..
Dali Zensor Vokal - Center Speaker
ZENSOR VOKAL   Blood is thicker than water! Naturally, ZENSOR VOKAL is created specifical..
R4,900.00 R4,410.00
JBL Arena 125C Black - 2-WAY Dual Center Channel Speaker
Hear a center channel that isn’t just talk Say goodbye to distorted dialogue with the new JBL Are..
R4,560.00 R3,890.00
Klipsch Reference R-25C - Centre Speaker
The center channel is the unsung hero of a home theater system, delivering over 60% of a movie’s sou..
R3,990.00 R3,591.00
Monitor Audio Bronze Centre - Centre Speaker
Monitor Audio Bronze Centre - Centre Speaker By sharing the New Bronze acoustic and aesthetic des..
R3,590.00 R3,231.00
Monitor Audio Gold C150 - Centre Speaker
Monitor Audio Gold C150 - Centre Speaker,The ultra-compact Gold C150 centre speaker is small enough ..
R13,990.00 R12,591.00
Monitor Audio Gold C350 - Centre Speaker
The Gold C350 centre speaker is a no-compromise centre channel solution for serious home theatre ins..
R21,490.00 R19,341.00
Monitor Audio MRC - Center Speaker - Each
The MR Centre will perform brilliantly as a centre and surround speaker, underpinned by the MRW-10 s..
R1,990.00 R1,791.00
Monitor Audio Radius 200 - Center Speaker
New to Radius, the Radius 200 centre-channel speaker is designed for rack or shelf mounting in a ded..
R3,990.00 R3,591.00
Monitor Audio Radius 225 - New LCR Speaker
The slender Radius 225 is even slimmer than its predecessor. At just 65mm in depth, the 225 is the p..
R5,490.00 R4,941.00
Monitor Audio Silver Centre - Silver Range - Centre Speaker
Monitor Audio Silver Centre- New Silver Range - Centre SpeakerMonitor Audio Silver Centre- New Silve..
R7,990.00 R7,191.00
Polk CSi A4 Center Speaker
CSi A4 is the smaller brother to the CSi A6. It fits where the CSi A6 may be too larg..
R5,500.00 R4,950.00
Polk CSi A6 Center Speaker
CSi A4 is the smaller brother to the CSi A6. It fits where the CSi A6 may be too larg..
Polk LSiM704c Center Speaker
The All-Star Center  Tired of turning your system up to hear the dialog and down because the..
R16,000.00 R14,400.00
Polk LSiM706C - Flagship Center Channel
  The Serious Center Channel Speaker Build the cinema of your dreams with this high perfo..
R22,000.00 R19,800.00
PSB Imagine XC - Centre Speaker - Black
Imagine XC Centre Speaker As a two-way system in a dual-woofer horizontal format with a pair of 5..
PSB W1 - On-Wall Speaker
Imagine W1 On-Wall Speaker The poor audio quality of today's ultra-thin flat panel TVs is a well-..
Q Acoustics 7000Ci - Award Winning Centre Speaker
The integrated table stand/wall bracket of the new 7000Ci centre channel loudspeaker attaches to the..
R3,539.00 R2,000.00
Sunfire Cinema Ribbon Duo CRM-2 - Loudspeaker - Each
Have you ever experienced a speaker that thinks about the physiology of your ear-brain processing sy..
Sunfire Cinema Ribbon Duo CRW-2C - In-Wall Center Speaker - Each
When the Cinema Ribbon Duos® were launched a couple of years ago, they showed the world just how muc..
Sunfire Cinema Ribbon Trio CRS-3 - On-Wall Rosewood Speaker - Each
The Cinema Ribbon Trios are built with the same acclaimed technology and craftsmanship of the Cinema..
Sunfire Cinema Ribbon Trio CRS-3C - On-Wall Center Speaker - Each
The Cinema Ribbon Trios are built with the same acclaimed technology and craftsmanship of the Cinema..
Sunfire Cinema Ribbon Trio CRW-3C - In-Wall Center Speaker - Each
The success of the XT Series Cinema Ribbons has been the story of one of the fastest growing, most s..