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Audico features some of the most exclusive and comprehensive selection of speaker systems In South Africa.

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Onkyo SKH-410 - Dolby Atmos Speakers
Key Features Dedicated Dolby Atmos®-Enabled Speakers Dolby Atmos-Certified Special Network Insid..
R1,990.00 R1,790.00
Open box - Onkyo HT-S7705 - Dolby Atmos 5.0.2 Home Theatre Package
Open box - Onkyo HT-S7705 - Dolby Atmos 5.0.2 Home Theatre Package  without the sub  Th..
R18,990.00 R11,000.00
Polk Atrium 4 - Pair Weatherproof Outdoor Speakers
  Big Fidelity, Small Speaker The compact Atrium4 loudspeaker produces high fidelity soun..
R4,700.00 R4,230.00
Polk Atrium 5 - Pair Weatherproof Outdoor Speakers
  Refined for the Great Outdoors The Atrium5 loudspeaker steps up the sonic performance w..
R6,300.00 R5,670.00
Polk Atrium 6 - Pair Weatherproof Outdoor Speakers
  High Performance for All Your Outdoor Spaces The Atrium6 is a workhorse when it comes t..
R7,900.00 R7,110.00
Polk Audio Atrium Garden Speaker System All Weather Speaker Set
  he weather's fine! Throw a party, invite the neighbors and grill some ribs or kabobs. Spen..
R12,600.00 R11,340.00
Polk DSW-PRO 550  Subwoofer
(Please note , this is just the sub without  the module )   You can have lots of pow..
R11,900.00 R10,710.00
Polk DSW-PRO 660  Subwoofer
  Our largest and most powerful Wireless-Ready Subwoofer is still compact enough to fill a b..
R13,500.00 R12,150.00
Polk FX Wireless Surround Speaker
One speaker to create wireless 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound   New and Improved Series II Wir..
R7,490.00 R6,741.00
Polk FXi A4 Surround Speaker - Pair
FXi A4 is a close relative to the larger FXi A6. Like its big brother, it keeps the dual t..
R8,500.00 R7,650.00
Polk FXi A6 Surround Speaker - Pair
Featuring a 6.5" driver, this is one heavy duty surround speaker. A great match for the larger main ..
R10,500.00 R9,450.00
Polk LSi M703 Bookshelf Speaker
Serious Sound, Serious Fun  There’s no doubt that bookshelf loudspeakers offer greater place..
R29,000.00 R26,100.00
Polk LSiM702FX Surround Speakers
Serious Surround for Serious Home Theaters  The LSiM702F/X is the standard by which surround..
R29,000.00 R26,100.00
Polk LSiM704c Center Speaker
The All-Star Center  Tired of turning your system up to hear the dialog and down because the..
R16,000.00 R14,400.00
Polk LSiM705 Floor Standing Speakers
High End Audio for the Rest of Us  The LSiM705 fills your world with its wide, dynamic sound..
R62,000.00 R55,800.00
Polk LSiM706C - Flagship Center Channel
  The Serious Center Channel Speaker Build the cinema of your dreams with this high perfo..
R22,000.00 R19,800.00
Polk LSiM707 Flagship Floor Standing Speakers
  Our Flagship The ultimate statement of Polk's mission, the LSiM707 is like no other lou..
R76,000.00 R68,400.00
Polk RTi A1 Bookshelf Speaker - Pair
  The most compact bookshelf speaker in the lineup, it sounds phenomenal for its size. A pop..
R6,500.00 R5,850.00
Polk RTi A5 Combo
This combo includes :- Polk RTi-A5 - Pair Polk CSi-A4 Polk RTi-A1 - Pair Can't quite ..
R29,500.00 R25,075.00
Polk RTi A5 Floorstanding Speaker - Pair
Can't quite fit the RTi A9? The RTi A5 is the most compact tower speaker in the RTi A..
R17,500.00 R15,750.00
Polk RTi A7 Combo
  This combo includes :- Polk RTi-A7 - Pair Floor Standing Speakers Polk CSi-A6 Cent..
R38,000.00 R32,300.00
Polk RTi A7 Floorstanding Speaker - Pair
Approaches the performance of the RTi A9 but in a slightly smaller, more economical package. RT..
R21,000.00 R18,900.00
Polk RTi A9 Combo
This combo includes :- Polk RTi-A9 - Pair Polk CSi-A6 Polk FXi-A6 - Pair The flagship..
R51,000.00 R43,350.00
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Polk RTi A9 Floorstanding Speaker - Pair
The flagship of the RTi A series, with three 7" bass drivers and two 5 ¼" midrange drivers, thi..
R32,000.00 R28,800.00
Polk S-15 - HiFi Home Theater Compact Bookshelf Speaker - Pair
Built to bring the big surround sound theater and music experience into the comfort of your living r..
R5,900.00 R5,310.00
Polk T-SERIES - Speaker Package
This Package Includes: 2 x Polk T50 - Tower Floor Standing Speakers 1 x Polk T30 - Centre Spea..
Polk TSx110 - Bookshelf Speakers
Big sound, big value, big style; small speaker! An incredible value in a compact, high performance ..
R4,300.00 R3,870.00
Polk TSx150 - Center Speaker
Heavy duty, detailed center channel performance from a beautifully compact loudspeaker with a revers..
R3,600.00 R3,240.00
Polk TSx220 - Bookshelf Speaker Pair
If you build it... You want to feel the impact of your music or movie soundtracks, and the only way..
R6,200.00 R5,580.00
Polk TSx250 - Center Speaker
Seriously detailed center channel performance from a beautiful loudspeaker with a reversible enclosu..
R6,200.00 R5,580.00
Polk TSx330 - Floor Standing Speaker Pair
Size is definitely not a measure of performance with the TSx 330T Floorstanding Loudspeaker. For you..
R9,900.00 R8,910.00
Polk TSx330 Speaker Package
This value package consists of: 2 x Polk TSx330 Floor Standing Speakers 1 x Polk TSx150 Center S..
R17,800.00 R15,130.00
Polk TSx440  - Floor Standing Speaker Pair
Take a stand for bold audio Three high performance bi-laminate drivers tuned with our Dynamic Bal..
R13,500.00 R12,150.00
Polk TSx440 Speaker Package
This package consists of: 2 x Polk TSx440 - Floor Standing Speakers 1 x Polk TSx150 - Center Spe..
R21,400.00 R18,190.00
Polk TSx550 Speaker Package
This package consists of: 2 x Polk TSx550 - Floor Standing Speakers 1 x Polk TSx250 - Center Spe..
R30,000.00 R25,500.00
Polk TSx550 T - Floor Standing Speakers
This is how we roll.   The flagship of the TSx Series is a floorstanding loudspeaker that..
R19,500.00 R17,550.00
PSB Imagine T2 - Transitional 5-way Floorstanding Speaker - Black
With exceptional tonal accuracy and an elegant design, we have proved that even “class leaders” like..
PSB Imagine X1T - Floorstanding Speaker
Imagine X1T Tower Speakers loudSpeaker award A deceptively slim and discreet floorstanding des..
PSB Imagine XB - Compact two-way Bookshelf Speaker - Black
Imagine XB Bookshelf Speaker loudSpeaker award The Imagine XB is an attractive compact two-way..
PSB Imagine XC - Centre Speaker - Black
Imagine XC Centre Speaker As a two-way system in a dual-woofer horizontal format with a pair of 5..
PSB SubSeries 125 - Subwoofer - Black
The SubSeries 125 is the smallest of a new generation of high-performance powered subwoofers from PS..
PSB W1 - On-Wall Speaker
Imagine W1 On-Wall Speaker The poor audio quality of today's ultra-thin flat panel TVs is a well-..
Q Acoustic Q-3000 - 5.1 Cinema Pack
Q ACOUSTICS Q-3000 5.1 CINEMA PACK Perfect for every occasion, the new 3000 Series 5.1 Cinema Pac..
R23,600.00 R21,240.00
Q Acoustics 7000Ci - Award Winning Centre Speaker
The integrated table stand/wall bracket of the new 7000Ci centre channel loudspeaker attaches to the..
R3,539.00 R2,000.00
Q Acoustics BT3 - Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers
What makes the BT3 speakers so special? Hidden within the Q-BT3 speakers is a high quality,..
Based on 1 reviews.
Q Acoustics Media 4 - Soundbar With Built In Subwoofer (What HiFi? Awards 2016)
Q Acoustics Media 4 (M4) Soundbar with built in subwoofer   The Soundbar Fo..
Sonance SUB 10-150 230V - Subwoofer
Sonance offers three completely new subwoofers that deliver powerful, low-distortion bass in any roo..
R14,486.00 R9,990.00
Sonance SUB 12-250 230V - Subwoofer
Sonance offers three completely new subwoofers that deliver powerful, low-distortion bass in any roo..
R19,389.00 R15,990.00
Sonos Playbar  - Wireless HiFi Soundbar (What HiFi Awards 2016)
  Product Description From the Manufacturer SONOS PLAYBAR The soundbar that str..
R18,490.00 R17,890.00
SpeakerCraft AIM 5 TWO Series 2 - In-Ceiling Speaker -Each ( 20 Year Warranty )
SpeakerCraft AIM 5 TWO Series 2 - In-Ceiling Speaker -Each ( 20 Year Warranty ) AIM Series 2 breaks..
SpeakerCraft AIM 7 TWO Series 2- In-Ceiling Speaker -Each ( 20 Year Warranty )
SpeakerCraft AIM 7 TWO Series 2- In-Ceiling Speaker -Each ( 20 Year Warranty ) AIM Series 2 breaks ..
Speakercraft Aim6 DT Zero - In Ceiling Speaker Each
Speakercraft Aim6 DT Zero - In Ceiling Speaker  Package Contents    1 speaker..