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Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 18 - Loudspeaker
DESIGN-DRIVEN INNOVATION LENS IN FOCUS The acoustic lens spreads optimal sound quality evenly ..
Behringer NEKKST K5 - Audiophile Bi-Amped 5" Studio Monitors
Audiophile Bi-Amped 5″ Studio Monitors Ultra-linear 100-Watt studio monitors Designed by ren..
Behringer NEKKST K8 - Audiophile Bi-Amped 8" Studio Monitors
Audiophile Bi-Amped 8″ Studio Monitors Ultra-linear 150-Watt studio monitors Designed by ren..
Boston Acoustics A25 - Bookshelf Speaker - Pair - Black
Price is for a pair ( two ) 2-way bookshelf with 5.25'' DCD woofer   Each A-Series spe..
Boston Acoustics Bravo 20 On-wall or Corner Speakers - Each
Boston Acoustics' Bravo II is a multipurpose, high performance loudspeaker. It doesn't fit stereotyp..
Bowers & Wilkins DS3 - Dipole Surround Speaker Pair
The DS3 is a wall-mounted surround speaker that can operate in either ‘dipole’ or ‘monopole’ modes, ..
R14,290.00 R12,861.00
Klipsch KS-525 - THX Surround Speakers - Pair
As part of the THX® Ultra2 family, the KS-525-THX surround loudspeaker with Klipsch Wide Dispersion ..
Klipsch Reference R-14S - Surround Speakers - Pair
This “go big or go home” speaker delivers the ideal surround sound experience and makes sure you fee..
Klipsch RP-140SA - Reference Premiere Dolby Atmos Elevation Speakers
The Reference Premiere RP-140SA Dolby Atmos® enabled elevation speaker effortlessly adds the Dolby A..
Klipsch RP240S Reference Premiere Surround Speaker
Klipsch RP240S Surround Speaker The Reference Premiere RP-240S surround speakers utilize the latest..
Monitor Audio Bronze FX  - Surround Speakers Pair
The new Monitor Audio Bronze FX speakers, now available in South Africa. Developing the perfect m..
Monitor Audio Radius 90 - New Surround / Bookshelf Speakers
The diminutive Radius 45 cube is the epitome of Radius innovation: a speaker so small has no right t..
Monitor Audio Silver FX - New Silver Range - Surround Speaker Pair
Enjoy the immersive quality of high performance home cinema with Sliver’s specialised surround speak..
Polk FXi A4 Surround Speaker - Pair
FXi A4 is a close relative to the larger FXi A6. Like its big brother, it keeps the dual t..
R8,500.00 R7,650.00
Polk FXi A6 Surround Speaker - Pair
Featuring a 6.5" driver, this is one heavy duty surround speaker. A great match for the larger main ..
R10,500.00 R9,450.00
Polk LSiM702FX Surround Speakers
Serious Surround for Serious Home Theaters  The LSiM702F/X is the standard by which surround..
R29,000.00 R26,100.00
Sonance IS2 - Invisible Series In-Wall Speaker
The IS2 is designed for tight installations or very small spaces yet delivers sound that is only bes..
R22,232.00 R20,008.00
Sonance IS4 - Invisible Series - In-Wall Speaker
Invisible Series The benchmark for performance and installation flexibility for invisible spea..
R31,618.00 R28,456.00
SpeakerCraft Roots450 - Satellite Speaker - Pair
SpeakerCraft is best known to the CI trade as a proponent of architectural speakers and infrastructu..
SpeakerCraft Roots650 - Satellite Speaker - Pair
SpeakerCraft is best known to the CI trade as a proponent of architectural speakers and infrastructu..
SpeakerCraft RootsCenter - Center Speaker - Each
SpeakerCraft is best known to the CI trade as a proponent of architectural speakers and infrastructu..
Sunfire Cinema Ribbon CRM-2BIP - Bi-Pole Surround Speaker - Each
Since their introduction in 2006, the Cinema Ribbon line has forever changed the notion that small b..