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Black Friday 2020

Audico's Black Friday sale has been our most popular promotion for the last 10 years. This year will be no different as we work tirelessly to present the hottest sale on the internet. Make sure you are part of our mailing program as we aim to impress in 2020! 

Specials will go live at midnight on the sales days - and will be communicated via our newsletter. You will never pay more on pre Black Friday deals then you will on the main event * guaranteed.

*should the Main Event price be cheaper than the pre Black Friday sale - we will refund you the difference

Bentley Acoustics FS120 - Floortanding speakers
R15,990.00R9,590.00 Ex Tax: R9,590.00

Bentley Acoustics FS120 Floorstanding Speakers   This mid level floorstanding FS120 with ..

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Bentley Acoustics FS150 - Floorstanding Speakers
R19,990.00R13,990.00 Ex Tax: R13,990.00

Bentley Acoustics FS150 Floorstanding Speakers   Top of the range in the 100 seriesare th..

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Dali Fazon MIKRO - Wall Mounted Speaker - Each
R4,190.00R2,890.00 Ex Tax: R2,890.00

FAZON MIKRO True Hi-Fi sound really can come in a small and elegant design. With its curved high-..

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Dali FAZON MIKRO Vocal - Wall Mounted Speaker
R4,190.00R2,890.00 Ex Tax: R2,890.00

FAZON MIKRO VOKAL True Hi-Fi sound really can come in a small and elegant design. With its curved..

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Dali Fazon SAT - Speaker
R5,990.00R3,990.00 Ex Tax: R3,990.00

FAZON SAT FAZON SAT is a two-way designed satellite speaker including a 4½” mid/woofer with wood ..

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Denon AVR-S650H AV Receiver - 5.2 Channel 4K UHD Home Theater Amplifier
R10,490.00R7,490.00 Ex Tax: R7,490.00

5.2 channel AV receiver with 150W per channel (6 ohms, 1 kHz, THD 10%, 1 ch driven), 4K Ultra HD HDM..

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Edifier Airpulse A100 - Hi-Res Active Stereo Speakers
R23,999.99R16,990.00 Ex Tax: R16,990.00

Industry-grade sound at a consumer-grade priceEdifier Airpulse A100 Hi-Res Active Speaker SystemRibb..

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Edifier R1280DB - Studio Quality Bluetooth 2.0 Speaker System with amplification
R3,290.00R2,690.00 Ex Tax: R2,690.00

Edifier R1280DBNewly upgraded version of an instant classicRCA/AUX, Bluetooth, Optical, and Coaxial ..

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Edifier R980T - Studio Quality 2.0 Speaker System with amplification
R1,799.00R1,390.00 Ex Tax: R1,390.00

Edifier R980TStudio-quality 2.0 speaker system with dual RCA input.EASY INSTALLATION – Suitable for ..

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Edifier S1000MKII - Active Bookshelf Stereo Speakers
R10,500.00R7,990.00 Ex Tax: R7,990.00

Turn on the Speaker, Juice up the WorldEdifier S1000MKII Audiophile Active Bookshelf 2.0 Speaker120 ..

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Edifier S2000MKIII - Hi Res Powered Bookshelf Speakers
R13,490.00R9,990.00 Ex Tax: R9,990.00

DescriptionEdifier enters the realm of music production with the S2000MKIII active monitor speakers,..

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Edifier S350DB - 2.1 Active Speaker System
R8,790.00R6,490.00 Ex Tax: R6,490.00

Edifier S350DB - 2.1 Speaker SystemOld School Style Modern SoundTitanium Dome Tweeters8-Inch Booming..

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Edifier TWS NB2 - Noise Cancelling True Wireless Stereo Earbuds
R2,790.00R1,990.00 Ex Tax: R1,990.00

DescriptionMeet the Edifier TWS NB2 - and experience a new generation of true wireless earbuds with ..

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Edifier TWS200 - True Wireless Stereo Earbuds
R1,490.00R990.00 Ex Tax: R990.00

The housing build quality and excellent sound quality of the Edifier TWS200 earbuds are a pleasure t..

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Edifier W200BT - Wireless Bluetooth Sport Earphones
R860.00R590.00 Ex Tax: R590.00

Cut through the noise with high performance audioBluetooth 5.0 chipset Qualcomm QCC series for high ..

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Edifier W800BT - Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones
R1,190.00R950.00 Ex Tax: R950.00

Edifier W800BTWired and Wireless Bluetooth HeadphonesBluetooth 4.0 and wired feature50-hours of in-u..

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Edifier W830BT - Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Headphones
R2,590.00R2,150.00 Ex Tax: R2,150.00

Edifier W830BTWireless Bluetooth Over-ear HeadphonesFoldable extra-soft earpadsBluetooth v4.1 aptX c..

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Edifier X3 - True Wireless Music Earbuds
R1,190.00R790.00 Ex Tax: R790.00

Edifier X3 EarbudsThe X3 earbuds are sturdy and great looking! They come in a terrific slim, compact..

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Jamo S 803 - Bookshelf Speaker Pair
R4,990.00R3,990.00 Ex Tax: R3,990.00

Unlike any bookshelf speaker, the S 803 Dolby Atmos® ready speaker delivers incredible stereo sound ..

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Jamo S 803 HCS - Bookshelf Home Cinema System Jamo S 803 HCS - Bookshelf Home Cinema System
Sale New
Jamo S 803 HCS - Bookshelf Home Cinema System
R9,990.00R8,490.00 Ex Tax: R8,490.00

The S 803 HCS is the most compact system of the Jamo STUDIO 8 series. Dual S 803 Dolby Atmos ready b..

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Jamo S 809 Floorstanding Speakers - Pair
R13,500.00R9,490.00 Ex Tax: R9,490.00

Jamo S 809  FLOORSTANDING SPEAKERS - Pair   The S 809 is our Jamo Flagship Dolby Atm..

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Jamo S 809 HCS - Home Cinema System Jamo S 809 HCS - Home Cinema System
Sale New
Jamo S 809 HCS - Home Cinema System
R22,990.00R16,990.00 Ex Tax: R16,990.00

The Jamo S 809 HCS 5.0 Home Cinema System, featuring dual S 809 Dolby Atmos ready tower speakers so ..

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Jamo S 8ATM - Dolby Atmos Elevation Speakers (pair)
R3,690.00R2,690.00 Ex Tax: R2,690.00

Recreate the incredible cinematic experience of Dolby Atmos with the S 8 ATM Dolby Atmos Certified E..

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Klipsch Cinema 600 5.1 - Soundbar Surround Sound System Klipsch Cinema 600 5.1 - Soundbar Surround Sound System
Sale New
Klipsch Cinema 600 5.1 - Soundbar Surround Sound System
R14,990.00R12,990.00 Ex Tax: R12,990.00

Cinema 600 5.1Soundbar and Surround Sound SystemTrue EntertainmentSeamlessly upgrade your television..

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Klipsch R-51PM Powered Speakers - Active Bookshelf Speaker Pair
R8,490.00R6,590.00 Ex Tax: R6,590.00

R-51PM POWERED SPEAKERS - BLK/GNM The R-51PM powered speakers use a highly efficient, powerful ye..

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Klipsch R-620F Floorstanding Speakers - Pair
R16,480.00R10,990.00 Ex Tax: R10,990.00

Klipsch Reference R620F Description The Reference R-620F floorstanding speaker is packed with be..

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Klipsch T5 Neckband Earphones - Neckband Wireless Earphones
R2,800.00R990.00 Ex Tax: R990.00

A day in your busy life demands the best earphones on the market. The Klipsch T5 Neckband Earphones ..

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Klipsch T5 Sport Earphones - Wireless Sports Earphones
R1,390.00R990.00 Ex Tax: R990.00

Not all wireless earphones are created equal. Ideal for your active lifestyle, the T5 Sport Earphone..

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Klipsch T5M - Wired In-Ear Headphones (What HiFi? Awards 2020)
R840.00R690.00 Ex Tax: R690.00

The Klipsch T5M Wired Earphones offer superior comfort and unparalleled acoustic quality on-the-go.F..

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Klipsch The One II - Bluetooth Bookshelf Stereo Speaker
R4,699.00R3,590.00 Ex Tax: R3,590.00

THE ONE II - WIRELESS SHELF STEREOMixing mid-century modern design, the vision of Paul W. Klipsch, a..

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