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AMC MC4EN - Metal Ceiling Loudspeaker EN54-24 Standard
R949.00R854.00 Ex Tax: R854.00

MC 4EN is designed for use in voice evacuation and voice alarm applications for clear and intelligib..

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AMC MC4TA - Metal Ceiling Loudspeaker
R451.00R405.00 Ex Tax: R405.00

MC 4TA 4 inch 6 W high sensitivity full range ceiling loudspeakers. Light paper diaphragm and high e..

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AMC PC-5TX - Ceiling Loudspeaker
R792.00R712.00 Ex Tax: R712.00

PC 5TX 5 inch 10 W coaxial ceiling loudspeakers. Almost the same structure and specifications as PC5..

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SpeakerCraft PROFILE CRS6 ONE - Pair
R4,690.00 Ex Tax: R4,690.00

The CRS One offers distinctive bass notes. Add in a properly measured Waveplane™ to evenly distribut..

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SpeakerCraft PROFILE CRS8 ONE - Pair
R5,490.00 Ex Tax: R5,490.00

Get ready for that "Push you into the back of your seat", sound with the sonic ride the CRS8 One wil..

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