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Wall Mount

AMC VIVA 5 - Wall Mount Plastic Loudspeaker
R2,222.00R2,000.00 Ex Tax: R2,000.00

VIVA 5 the first speaker of a totally new design series speakers from AMC. Elegant contemporary desi..

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AMC W-10 - Wall Mount Loudspeaker
R459.00R413.00 Ex Tax: R413.00

W 10 are 10W ABS plastic cabinet loudspeakers with built in 100V transformer and 4" (101 mm) full ra..

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Bose FreeSpace DS100SE - Wall Mounted Loudspeaker
R11,878.00 Ex Tax: R11,878.00

Premier, high-performance, full-range surface-mount loudspeaker designed for foreground music and sp..

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Bose FreeSpace DS16SE - Wall Mounted Loudspeaker
R4,669.00 Ex Tax: R4,669.00

Entry-level, full-range, surface-mount loudspeakers designed for background music and speech reprodu..

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JB Systems K-52 - 5" 50W Wall Mount Speaker - Each
R2,399.00 Ex Tax: R2,399.00

Full range speaker cabinet with modern look  Perfect for home cinema systems and all kinds of ..

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Logitech Rally Mounting Kit
R5,060.00 Ex Tax: R5,060.00

RALLY MOUNTING KITCustom mounts for a sleek installation and secure cablingSecurely position Rally C..

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