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Beyerdynamic  M 201 TG vocal Microphone The classic dynamic, "workhorse stable" microphone for..
R5,700.00 R5,130.00
Beyerdynamic  MPR 210 B Desktop Microphone  Desktop Microphone with Revoluto Technology, ..
R11,913.00 R10,721.00
Beyerdynamic  MPR 211 B Desktop Microphone  Desktop Microphone Unit with Revoluto Technol..
R13,076.00 R11,768.00
Beyerdynamic M 69 TG vocal Microphone Classic Microphone for vocals, pure sound for guitar amps a..
R5,529.00 R4,976.00
Beyerdynamic TG H54c Headset Microphones Neckworn condenser microphone (cardioid) for keyboarders, ..
R2,828.00 R2,546.00
Beyerdynamic TG V30d s Microphone The TG V30d s is the perfect introduction into the world of bey..
R789.00 R711.00
Beyerdynamic TG V35d s Vocal microphone The reliable and rugged all-around TG V35d s model is a d..
R969.00 R873.00
Beyerdynamic TG V50d Vocal microphone The new standard for the stage an exceptionally powerful so..
R2,178.00 R1,961.00
Beyerdynamic TGV56cVocal microphone With the fine resolution typical of condenser microphones, it..
R4,401.00 R3,961.00
Beyerdynamic TGV70d Vocal microphone Whether it’s the feel or the sound, the dynamic TG V70d live..
R3,580.00 R3,222.00
The Micker Pro is a microphone with an in-built speaker and amplifier. Very light weight and portabl..
Sennheiser ew 122-p G3 ENG Set .Wireless Portable Microphone System is intended for portable wi..
R14,532.72 R13,990.00
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