Control4 CORE Lite/Halo Bundle - All in One Control

Deliver intelligent automation and a premium user experience to more spaces with the new Control4 Single Room Bundle. Priced to provide a more accessible entry-point for the full Control4 Experience, the Bundle uses the new CORE lite as its foundation for

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Brand: Control4

Product Code: CoreLite|Halo

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Control4® Single Room Bundle with CORE lite + Halo

Deliver intelligent automation and a premium user experience to more spaces with the new Control4 Single Room Bundle. Priced to provide a more accessible entry-point for the full Control4 Experience, the Bundle uses the new CORE lite as its foundation for device control, intelligent automation experiences, high-resolution audio, an HD OnScreen menu, and cloud-services. The Halo Remote provides a premium universal user experience for the Bundle with its intuitive interface and complete set of backlit buttons, and control for the CORE lite Onscreen Menu. Plus, the dynamic Voice button on Halo will not only integrate with popular voice assistants, but can also replace the voice remotes for customer’s favorite media devices.

This bundle includes a CORE lite Controller and a Halo remote.

Halo Remote with a CORE controller

CORE lite Foundation

The award-winning CORE Series Controllers are the foundation for intuitive control. As the most accessible controller, the CORE lite features a dual-core processor, a single zone of high-resolution audio streaming, an HD OnScreen Menu plus three 3.5mm ports for IR and serial control, an internal Zigbee antenna and a network port for wireless and IP control.

Halo Remote in its base on a table-top

Halo Remote Experience

From the ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand, to the satisfying tactile feedback of the backlit buttons, every detail of Halo was thoughtfully designed with the customer in mind. Halo includes features like custom buttons with digital labels and hidden RGBY buttons. The dynamic Voice button will integrate with the popular voice assistants and replace the voice remotes for your favorite media devices. All combined with a beautiful and intuitive user-interface, Halo will redefine the customer experience.

Halo Remotes

A Single Automation Platform

Control4 offers integration for 20,000+ consumer electronics and smart devices, as well as orchestrated scenes, personalized automations, and media browsing on multiple streaming providers. And yet, the Control4 user interface remains simple, intuitive and uncluttered. At the customer's pleasure, the interface makes itself available via their TV, a touchscreen, Halo Remote, and the Control4 App.

Halo Remote buttons

A Chorus of Voice Integrations

The dynamic voice button on Halo can replicate the voice controls and search functionality found on the voice remotes of customers' favorite media devices, as well as integrate with popular voice assistants. The push-to-talk functionality allows customers to browse for and select media, toggle and control their many smart devices, and launch fully personalized automations.

Person holding a Halo Remote

High-Resolution Audio by Ryff

CORE lite uses the Ryff audio platform to power a single zone of high-resolution audio (192KzHz sample rate at 24-bit depth), either through HDMI or through the network to a MoIP Receiver.* Ryff includes intuitive controls for media browsing, audio streaming, parametric equalizer presets, and more from up to 12 of the most popular streaming services.

*Ryff-to-MoIP functionality coming Q2 2023

OvrC integration graphic

OvrC Built-in

CORE lite functions as an OvrC hub, making it easier to keep a customer's system updated, maintained and running. OvrC enables proactive maintenance, firmware updates, and network monitoring and management, and provides a comprehensive suite of diagnostic and troubleshooting tools. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that OvrC provides system-based notifications and alerts, and if necessary, a remote access connection to resolve customer requests and concerns.

Cloud-Services app on a personal mobile device

Cloud-Services and the Control4 App

With an active cloud-services subscription, customers can access their system and all of its controls remotely through the Control4 App for Android and iOS—including the Apple Watch. The app also provides system-based notifications and alerts, Intercom Anywhere, Alexa and Google Assistant voice integrations, custom programming opportunities, and cloud backups of their Control4 project.

Person at a Control4 touchscreen panel

End-user Personalization

Control4 offers countless options for users to personalize their system to fit their preferences and routines. Customers can favorite frequently used rooms, devices, and media for easy selection, while coordinating color schemes and designs with customized wallpapers. Advanced controls can be made visible and accessible, or hidden if they will never be used. Additionally, users can create or edit lighting scenes, color scenes, Daylight configurations, and basic automation programming through the innovative When>>Then feature.

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