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Flexson FLX-P3FS1011 - Floor Mount for Play 3 - White Single
R1,750.00 Ex Tax: R1,750.00

Flexson floorstands put your SONOS PLAY:3 speakers at the ideal listening height. Whether you're str..

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Flexson FLX-P5FS1011 - Floor Mount for Play 5 - Single
R2,160.00R1,728.00 Ex Tax: R1,728.00

Flexson floorstands put your SONOS PLAY:5 speaker at the ideal listening height. Whether you're stre..

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HRT Music Streamer Pro - Ultra High-Resolution DAC incl Audioquest Diamond Back XLR Cable
R7,999.00R3,999.00 Ex Tax: R3,999.00

External digital to analog converter (DAC) with USB input Balanced +4 voltage outputs High-grade D..

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Polk Audio Signature S30 Centre Speaker - Black
R5,690.00 Ex Tax: R5,690.00

Enjoy rich, clean, full-range sound for movies, TV and music with Polk’s new Dynamic Balance designe..

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Trade In Vandersteen 2ce Sig II - Floor Standing Speakers
R20,000.00 Ex Tax: R20,000.00

Model 2Ce Signature IIMany products are offhandedly referred to as "legendary",but few fit the descr..

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