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Denon DP-400 - Hi-Fi Turntable With Speed Auto Sensor
R10,490.00 Ex Tax: R10,490.00

DP-400 With its strong, sophisticated design and re-engineered tonearm with auto lift and playbac..

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Marantz TT15 Turntable -White only
R38,990.00 Ex Tax: R38,990.00

Analogue purists behold: the TT-15S1 Premium Range turntable is here. It has a solid acrylic resin c..

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Marantz TT5005 - Turntable (Stock arriving April)
R4,990.00 Ex Tax: R4,990.00

Thanks to the built-in phono equalizer the TT5005 is an easy to set-up turntable that can work with ..

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Pioneer PLX-1000 High-Torque Direct Drive Professional Turntable
R14,990.00 Ex Tax: R14,990.00

Pioneer PLX-1000 High-Torque Direct Drive Professional Turntable A REBORN CLASSIC. The PLX-100..

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Rega Planar 10 - Flagship Turntable with P10 Custom PSU
R71,900.00 Ex Tax: R71,900.00

Planar 10 turntable and P10 PSU.For the Planar 10, we have used the most advanced materials and engi..

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Rega Planar 2 Turntable
R8,900.00 Ex Tax: R8,900.00

The new Planar 2 was developed over the past two years alongside the recently released Planar 3. Fea..

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Rega Planar 3 Turntable (What HiFi? Awards 2019)
R13,900.00 Ex Tax: R13,900.00

Winner of the What HiFi? Awards 2019 The iconic ‘Planar Three’ returns Replacing the multi..

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Rega Planar 6 Turntable (What HiFi? Awards 2019)
R23,500.00 Ex Tax: R23,500.00

Winner of the What HiFi? Awards 2019 Planar 6 & Neo PSU The Planar 6 has one goal, to ..

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Rega Planar 8 - Flagship Planar Turntable (What HiFi? Awards 2019)
R39,900.00 Ex Tax: R39,900.00

The Planar 8 was inspired by the ultimate Rega turntable, the 'Naiad'.  We decided early on tha..

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Thorens Record Cleaning Set
R1,850.00 Ex Tax: R1,850.00

Cleaning Set Use this special cleaning set to ensure that your records will last a lifetime...

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Thorens TD 203 - Modern Turntable
R14,250.00 Ex Tax: R14,250.00

The TD 203 is a high quality out of the box solution from THORENS®. The turntable comes fully assemb..

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Vinyl Revival - Mustang Eleanor Custom Made Turntable
R41,990.00 Ex Tax: R41,990.00

This work of art is custom made by one of the earliest pioneers of mobile DJ's in South Africa. Keit..

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