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Phono Preamplifier

Rega Aria MM / MC - Phono stage
R23,990.00 Ex Tax: R23,990.00

Housed within their latest half width custom designed case to give it a fresh new look and match the..

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Rega Aura Reference - Reference MC Stage (special order)
R99,990.00 Ex Tax: R99,990.00

Aura reference moving coil pre-amplifier.The reference Aura MC stage is the culmination of decades o..

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Rega Fono MC - MC Phonostage (What HiFi? Awards 2018)
R7,990.00 Ex Tax: R7,990.00

Winner of the What HiFi? Awards 2018 The Fono MC is an exceptionally high quality MC phono stage de..

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Rega Fono MM - MM MK3 Phonostage (What HiFi? Awards 2020)
R6,390.00 Ex Tax: R6,390.00

Winner of the What HiFi? Awards 2020 FONO MM The new Fono MM phono stage has been designed..

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