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Home Theater Projectors

BenQ HT3550 DLP 4K Ultra HD HDR 2,000 Lumen Projector

BenQ HT3550 DLP 4K Ultra HD HDR 2,000 Lumen ProjectorGet ready for true 4K HDR that compares to an a..

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BenQ HT5550 True 4K UHD Projector with 100% DCI

BenQ HT5550 True 4K UHD Projector with 100% DCI-P3/Rec.709 and HDR-PRO | HT5550Every Pixel Counts – ..

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BenQ HT8060 DLP 4K Ultra HD HDR 2,200 Lumen Projector

Pro Cinema Projector with 4K, THX, 100% Rec. 709 | HT80604K UHD with Razor-Sharp True 8.3 Million Pi..

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BenQ LK970 Laser 4K Ultra HD 5,000 Lumen Projector

BenQ LK970 5000lms 4K InstallationReproduce True-to-life Images for Totally Immersive Experiences3,0..

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Epson CO-FD01 - Full HD projector

Enjoy the big screen experience Supersize your favourite films, games and sporting events at homeEas..

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Epson EH-LS11000W - 4K Laser Projector

Enjoy the big screen experience at home with this 4K, Laser, HDR10+ capable projector and Epson's 3L..

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Epson EH-LS12000B - 4K Laser Projector

Enjoy the big screen experience at home with this 4K, Laser, HDR10+ capable projector and Epson's 3L..

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Epson EH-TW7100 - 4K PRO-UHD projector

An affordable and easy-to-use 4K PRO-UHD1 projector for creating the big screen experience with a hi..

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Epson EH-TW9400 - 4K PRO-UHD Projector (What HiFi? Awards 2023)

4K PRO-UHD projectorFeel the magic of the cinema at home with this 4K PRO-UHD1, HDR capable projecto..

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Hisense 90”-130” Trichroma 4K Laser Cinema | PX1-PRO

The Hisense PX1-PRO is a 90-130 inch TriChroma 4K laser cinema projector that offers a truly immersi..

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Hisense PL1HE - Laser Cinema Series UltraShort Projector

The Hisense PL1HE is an ultra short throw laser projector that produces a 120-inch image from just 4..

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Infocus INL2159 - 4K HDR Laser Projector

The next generation of laser projection is here! With this multi-purpose, multi-use range of laser p..

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JVC DLA-N5BE D-ILA Projector 4k (What HiFi? Awards 2021)

JVC DLA-N5BE D-ILA Projector 4K Description 4K-resolution D-ILA Projector Features: Equ..

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JVC LX-NZ3 PROJECTOR - Laser 4K Home Theatre Projector

The NEW LASER 4K UHD PROJECTOR with JVC original HDR Auto Tone Mapping is Easy, Exciting and High Qu..

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JVC LX-UH1 4K Projector

JVC LX-UH1 DLP Projector Description Easy Installation Compact Design for Installation Convenie..

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Optoma CinemaX P2 - Ultra short throw smart laser 4K Ultra HD projector

Optoma CineMax P2Laser Light Source with life span up to 30,000 hours.Bright 3,000 ANSI lumens and s..

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Optoma GT1080e - Full HD Short Throw Entertainment Projector

Go big! Bright short throw home entertainment projector, great for sportsPlace your GT1080e on a cof..

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Optoma HD28e - Home Theatre Projector

Big screen entertainment for sports fansFeel the action with the Optoma HD28e. Experience every mome..

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Optoma HD29e - Big screen HDR gaming sports and movies

Big screen HDR gaming, sports and moviesFeel the action with the HD29He. Experience every moment on ..

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Optoma HD30LV - High brightness Full HD projector

The HD30LV is a compact Full HD 1080p projector boasting a high brightness of 4500 lumens. This mode..

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Optoma HZ40 - Full HD Laser Projector

Compact high brightness laser home entertainment projectorFeel the action and experience every momen..

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Optoma UHD38x - Bright 4K UHD Gaming and Home Entertainment Projector

Bright 4K UHD gaming and home entertainment projectorImmerse yourself in a world of Ultra HD gaming,..

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Optoma UHZ50 Smart 4K UHD laser home entertainment projector

Smart 4K UHD laser home entertainment projectorGet ready for a whole new cinematic experience in the..

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Optoma UHZ65UST - Ultra Short Throw Smart Laser 4K Projector

Ultra short throw smart laser 4K Ultra HD projectorThis stylish ultra short throw projector delivers..

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Optoma ZX300 - 4K Compatible Laser Projector

High lumens brightness projector compatible with 4K & HDROptoma DURACORE Technology, IP6X dust r..

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Panasonic PT-VZ580 Portable WUXGA Projector

High-performance, high-brightness portable projectors made for collaborationPT-VZ580LCD, 5000 lumens..

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Sim2 Projectors - Various Sim2 Projectors Available in Stock

Nero Line25 years of experience in designing high end home cinema projectorsallowed Sim2 to offer a ..

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ViewSonic PX7014K - 3,200 ANSI Lumens 4K Home Projector

The ViewSonic PX701-4K is a 3200 ANSI lumens 4K UHD home projector that offers impressive visual per..

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ViewSonic PX701HD - 3,500 Lumens 1080p Home and Business Projector

The ViewSonic PX701HD is a 3500 ANSI lumens Full HD 1080p projector that offers impressive visual pe..

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ViewSonic X11-4K - 4K HDR Short Throw Smart Portable LED Projector

ViewSonic X11-4K projector4K UHD resolution with HDR/HLG support for enhanced contrast and colors240..

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