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Klipsch The One - Battery Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Stereo Speaker

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Incorporating luxury materials such as real wood veneer and tactile spun copper switches and knobs, The One powered audio system blends the acoustics and classic design legacy of Paul W. Klipsch with the latest technologies available today.Klipsch The One

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Incorporating luxury materials such as real wood veneer and tactile spun copper switches and knobs, The One powered audio system blends the acoustics and classic design legacy of Paul W. Klipsch with the latest technologies available today.

Incredible Acoustic Performance
Professionally Tuned Stereo Sound
Bluetooth®  Wireless Technology
3.5mm Analog Audio Input
8-Hour Rechargeable Battery
Flexible Placement Options

The diminutively sized Klipsch One is a 2.1 stereo system biamplified for audiophile resolution and features two 2 1/4” full range drivers and a 4.5” woofer, professionally tuned by Klipsch acousticians to deliver a crystal clear acoustic performance with great bass. You’ll be surprised at the sound quality that comes from such a small package. 

The One tabletop stereo system features Bluetooth® 4.0 Wireless technology so you can enjoy streaming internet services, internet radio, or content stored on your phone or tablet. Pairing your Bluetooth® device with The One is extremely easy — just press and hold the source button on The One and select Klipsch The One on your smartphone.

The One features an 8-hour rechargeable Li-ion battery so you can move it to different rooms throughout your home. 

The One also features a 3.5mm analog input, so you can connect any audio source via either a 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable or an RCA to 3.5mm audio cable. Connect your CD player, computer (via the headphone output jack), Blu-Ray player, or any audio source and get ready to rock the house. 

 The One is small enough that it can be placed anywhere — on a table top, small credenza, etc. 


Tom - 28/07/2019

Pro's: Very attractive and well built. Excellent sound, plenty of bass "punch" and nice, clean highs. Good battery life. Works great with Amazon Echo. Easy setup. Sounds great at any volume.
Con's: Intended for use with tablet or smartphone, which act as the remote control. I would prefer if it came with a stand alone remote as well.

Klipsch "The One" is a really phenomenal product, I have no regrets whatsoever and would love to own several.

Biosol - 28/07/2019

This is an outstanding little speaker. The instruments and vocals are very clear and even the bass is very good. I'm using it in my living room as a stereo speaker and as a TV sound bar (essentially) via my Apple TV. Last night we watched a 4k HDR movie with sound through The One and is was great!

I do think it matters what type of surface you place the speaker on. I tend to prefer mine on a hard surface, so it sits either on the glass shelf of the TV stand or the wood fireplace mantle.

Jay H - 28/07/2019

So we love the sound and the base is great for a smaller unit. I agree that the base can be muddy depending on the quality of the audio file/ service being used, but I am coming to believe it's more dependent on the audio source and not the unit. I've had large high end home theater systems, low to high end car systems, assembled my own systems and this one is pretty decent if your looking for a blue tooth portable system. I say portable with only a small amount of reservation. It's portable, but due to the size, I would say any larger and it wouldn't be considered portable in my mind. However I believe it balanced speaker size and quality just about right. You just can't produce lower frequency base with smaller speakers.

Douglas Hayden - 28/07/2019

I'm no audiophile, so I'm not fazed by reviews that compare this to really high-fidelity (and high-priced) equipment. What I can say is that my first impression is that, for my ears, this is a really outstanding piece of audio equipment.The sound quality is little short of amazing, considering the size of the speaker. I listen to classical music almost exclusively, and through this speaker, I'm hearing nuances that I'd missed before. The bass response is good, too. I've noticed none of the "muddiness" at high volumes that others have referred to--perhaps that's because I'm listening to acoustic, not electric, bass. The speaker itself is a beautiful piece of equipment. It brings to mind the old table radios from the 50s & 60s, yet with the simple design, walnut veneer, and copper trim it is far more elegant. I don't have that much trouble moving it around, either. It is a little heavy, to be sure, but it's all relative.

PC Mag - 28/07/2019

Excellent audio performance with vibrant, rich bass and ideal clarity in the highs. Retro design is classic. Well-constructed.

Can be pushed to distort at very high volume levels. No onboard playback controls.

Klipsch's The One is a good-looking Bluetooth speaker with powerful audio performance and a portable (intended for indoors) design.

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