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Headphone Amps

ADL A1 - Portable Headphone Amplifier and Android Compatible DAC
R8,600.00 Ex Tax: R8,600.00

Some digital enthusiasts require small, portable DACs and headphone amps because they’re always on t..

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ADL CRUISE - Portable Headphone Amplifier
R6,600.00 Ex Tax: R6,600.00

It's the age of personal, portable electronics; everyone carries their music with them. Accessories ..

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R24,200.00 Ex Tax: R24,200.00

The legendary and groundbreaking ADL GT40, known throughout the world as “the Swiss Army knife of au..

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ADL X1 - USB DAC Headphone Amplifier - For Iphone, IPOD and IPAD
R6,900.00 Ex Tax: R6,900.00

Headphone listening is an intimate sonic experience and most enthusiasts employ headphone amplifiers..

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Cyrus Soundkey USB DAC And Headphone Amplifier (What HiFi? Awards 2019)
R2,500.00 Ex Tax: R2,500.00

soundKey is an award-winning revolution in mobile music. Hi-Fi streaming services like TIDAL mean fa..

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EAR Yoshino HP4 - Valve Headphone Amplifier - Pre Order - 3 weeks delivery
R70,000.00 Ex Tax: R70,000.00

Pre Order - 3 weeks delivery   EAR HP4Designed for the highest fidelity in headphones. Us..

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Grado RA-1 - Battery Operated Headphone Amplifier
R9,000.00 Ex Tax: R9,000.00

After years of relying on other equipment to drive Grado headphones, you can now listen and enjoy he..

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Grado Reference RA-1 Headphone Amp Model A/C
R9,000.00 Ex Tax: R9,000.00

Designed for state-of-the-art performance and specifically to play Grados, the new RA1 will allow yo..

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Klipsch Heritage Headphone Amplifier - Featuring audiophile DAC
R12,690.00 Ex Tax: R12,690.00

Encased in formed aluminum with genuine walnut veneer, the Heritage Headphone Amplifier exudes quali..

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Marantz HD-DAC1 - High Current Audiophile DAC
R16,490.00 Ex Tax: R16,490.00

Marantz HD-DAC1 Headphone Amplifier with DAC-mode This ultra-high q..

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Pro-Ject Head Box RS - Highend Headphone Amplifier
R18,999.00 Ex Tax: R18,999.00

Ultimate highend headphone sound!     Head Box RS is a reference quality headphone ampli..

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Pro-Ject Head Box S2 - Audiophile Headphone Amplifier
R2,999.00 Ex Tax: R2,999.00

  • Audiophile headphone amplifier   • 6,3mm jack input on front   • Suitabl..

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Pro-Ject Pre Box RS Digital - Highend Stereo Line Tube Preamplifier
R28,799.00 Ex Tax: R28,799.00

The most universal & future-proof high-end pre-amplifier, DAC, headphone amp!     Pr..

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Rabbitone Headphone Amp HD5
R1,790.00 Ex Tax: R1,790.00

A rabbitone TV headphone amplifier has been designed to help people who are hard of hearing  - ..

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Sennheiser HDV 820 - Digital Headphone Amplifier
R41,720.00 Ex Tax: R41,720.00

HDV 820Sennheiser’s HDV 820 is the next generation of its acclaimed digital headphones amplifier, de..

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