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Wireless Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-DSR7BT - Wireless Over Ear Headphones with Digital Drive
R5,990.00 Ex Tax: R5,990.00

ATH-DSR7BT Wireless Over-Ear Headphones with Pure Digital Drive Pure Digital Drive™ system ..

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Audio-Technica ATH-DSR9BT - Wireless Over Ear Headphones with Digital Drive
R9,990.00 Ex Tax: R9,990.00

ATH-DSR9BT Wireless Over-Ear Headphones with Pure Digital Drive Pure Digital Drive™ system ..

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Bang & Olufsen Beolpay E6 Motion - Wireless Earphones for active lifestyles
R3,790.00 Ex Tax: R3,790.00

Beoplay E6 Motion Power the motion Lightweight, in-ear wireless earphones designed for a dynamic a..

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Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H4 - Over Ear Wireless Headphones
R4,990.00 Ex Tax: R4,990.00

Beoplay H4 The purest music experience Wireless, over-ear headphones with an emphasis on pure mate..

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Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H8i - On Ear Wireless Headphones
R6,690.00 Ex Tax: R6,690.00

Beoplay H8i Revitalizing a modern classic Luxurious on-ear headphones designed for superior styl..

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Bang and Olufsen - Beoplay H9i - Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphones
R8,299.00 Ex Tax: R8,299.00

Bang and Olufsen Beoplay H9i Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bang and Olufsen's most ..

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Bowers & Wilkins PX5 - On-ear noise cancelling wireless headphones
R6,490.00 Ex Tax: R6,490.00

Experience world-class sound with the latest adaptive noise cancellation technology. These sleek, on..

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Bowers & Wilkins PX7 - Over-ear noise cancelling wireless headphones
R7,490.00 Ex Tax: R7,490.00

Over-ear noise cancelling wireless headphonesWherever you go, experience music at its highest level...

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Bowers and Wilkins PX - Noise cancelling wireless headphones
R5,990.00 Ex Tax: R5,990.00

PX Noise cancelling wireless headphones. PX combines incredible sound with adaptable noise..

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Grado GW100 - Wireless Series On-Ear Headphones
R5,300.00 Ex Tax: R5,300.00

Precision Takes PatienceSince 1953 Grado Labs has adapted at our own pace, and the first wireless Gr..

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JBL Reflect Flow - In-Ear Wireless Sport Earphones
R2,290.00 Ex Tax: R2,290.00

Truly WirelessDiscover the freedom of a wireless lifestyle while on the go. Work out, listen to musi..

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Klipsch Reference On-ear BT
R3,590.00 Ex Tax: R3,590.00

Built with the same acoustic signature as our award-winning Reference Series headphones, Reference O..

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Klipsch T5 Neckband Earphones - Neckband Wireless Earphones
R2,399.00 Ex Tax: R2,399.00

A day in your busy life demands the best earphones on the market. The Klipsch T5 Neckband Earphones ..

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Klipsch T5 Sport Earphones - Wireless Sports Earphones
R1,999.00 Ex Tax: R1,999.00

Not all wireless earphones are created equal. Ideal for your active lifestyle, the T5 Sport Earphone..

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Marshall Major II - Bluetooth Headphones
R2,390.00R1,699.00 Ex Tax: R1,699.00

The Major II Bluetooth gives you the freedom and convenience of a wireless headphone combined with o..

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Marshall MID Bluetooth - Bluetooth Headphones
R3,200.00R2,499.00 Ex Tax: R2,499.00

Mid is a premium Bluetooth® aptX headphone that delivers superior audio and 30+ hours of playtime on..

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Sennheiser CX 6.00BT Bluetooth In-ear Headphones
R1,810.00 Ex Tax: R1,810.00

A true heavy-weight in sound, clad in an ultra-light-weight frame, the Sennheiser CX 6.00BT wireless..

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Sennheiser HD4.40 BT - Bluetooth Wireless Over Ear headphones
R2,090.00 Ex Tax: R2,090.00

The new Sennheiser HD 4.40 Wireless offers high-quality wireless sound for every day listening on th..

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Sennheiser HD4.50BTNC - Bluetooth Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones
R3,490.00 Ex Tax: R3,490.00

The new closed-back Sennheiser HD 4.50 Wireless headset offers just about everything music aficionad..

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Sennheiser Momentum Free - M2 IE BT SW
R3,615.00 Ex Tax: R3,615.00

MOMENTUM Free The delightful MOMENTUM Free is our most compact Bluetooth headphone ever. A true MOM..

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Sennheiser Momentum IE Wireless - Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones
R3,600.00 Ex Tax: R3,600.00

The new MOMENTUM In-Ear Wireless combines sleek design, immaculate sound performance and take-anywhe..

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Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless Travel Headphones
R6,136.00 Ex Tax: R6,136.00

PXC 550 Wireless Transform your journey. Upgrade to first class. The soundtrack to your journey ..

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Sennheiser RS 120-8 II - Wireless Headphones
R1,890.00 Ex Tax: R1,890.00

The lightweight RS 120 lets you enjoy freedom of movement without cumbersome cables. The headphones ..

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Sennheiser RS 175 Wireless Headphones
R4,460.00 Ex Tax: R4,460.00

Sennheiser RS 175 Wireless Headphones Taking home entertainment to the next level, Sennheiser’s R..

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Sennheiser RS 195 Wireless Headphones
R6,800.00 Ex Tax: R6,800.00

Sennheiser RS 195 Wireless Headphones  The new Sennheiser RS 195 REDISCOVER THE PLEASURES O..

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Sennheiser RS 2000 Wireless TV Headphones
R3,188.00 Ex Tax: R3,188.00

Providing cutting-edge digital wireless technology as well as intuitive handling, supreme wearing co..

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Sennheiser RS 5000 Wireless TV Headphones
R4,440.00 Ex Tax: R4,440.00

The elegantly designed RS 5000 is a smart listening device that lets you customize your TV sound exp..

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SoundMagic E11BT - In Ear Isolating Wireless Earphones
R1,190.00R990.00 Ex Tax: R990.00

FEATURESAccurate sound with solid bass performance and detailed resolutionBluetooth v5.0 compatible ..

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SoundMAGIC P22BT - Portable Wireless Bluetooth Headphones (White)
R790.00 Ex Tax: R790.00

Listening on the move is being redefined with SoundMAGIC's even more portable and convenient wireles..

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