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Audico features some of the most exclusive and comprehensive selection of speaker systems In South Africa.

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The 805 Diamond is an industry world-first – the only speaker of its size and type to incorporate tr..
R105,990.00 R88,190.00
The CCM362 is a two-way in-ceiling loudspeaker, balanced for wide-angle listening. It comes with a c..
The CCM382 is a two-way in-ceiling loudspeaker, balanced for wide-angle listening. It comes with a..
The top 6in in-ceiling speaker in the CI 600 series. This high-performance speaker features a Naut..
This high-performance 6in in-ceiling speaker features a Nautilus swirl-loaded 25mm (1in) alumini..
R7,190.00 R6,690.00
Like the CCM663SR, this is a dual, two-way ceiling speaker combining two offset tweeters and a t..
R3,290.00 R2,961.00
A high performance ceiling-mount speaker featuring a 200mm (8in) Kevlar cone bass/midrange driver ..
R9,990.00 R9,290.00
The CCM683 features a 200mm (8in) Kevlar® cone bass/midrange driver and a Nautilus swirl-loaded al..
R8,390.00 R7,690.00
Setting a whole new standard for in-ceiling sound quality, the top-range CCM7.3 is a three-way s..
The mid-point for in-ceiling speakers in the CI 700 range, the CCM7.4 features a wealth of high ..
R8,190.00 R7,590.00
Bowers & Wilkins CM Centre S2   The two-way CM Centre features two 130mm Kevlar® cone..
R10,990.00 R6,250.00
Bowers & Wilkins CM8 S2  Floor Standing Speakers   True floorstander perfo..
R37,590.00 R23,000.00
The CWM362 is a two-way in-wall loudspeaker. Like the in-ceiling models in the series, it featur..
R5,290.00 R4,790.00
The CWM663 features a 150mm (6in) blue Kevlar® bass/midrange driver housed in a die-cast chassis..
R6,490.00 R5,841.00
Our top range in-wall speaker, the CWM7.3 is a mighty three-way unit bringing together tried and..
R14,890.00 R13,401.00
The mid-point in the CI700 range of in-wall speakers, the CWM7.4 has a more manageable size than..
R7,990.00 R7,191.00
Dedicated stands for the 700 series 2.  ..
R8,290.00 R7,460.00
The highly capable HTM2 D3 centre speaker is the ideal partner for the smaller speakers in the 800 S..
The perfect partner for the 683 S2 in a commanding home theatre system, this true three-way centre s..
R11,990.00 R9,990.00
Ideal at the centre of most home theatre systems, the HTM62 S2 is the smaller centre speaker that st..
R7,390.00 R5,990.00
Designed to be paired with larger speakers in the range, this three-way centre-channel speaker deliv..
R22,690.00 R20,421.00
HTM72 is a great choice for home cinema set-ups in smaller rooms, where space is at a premium. Partn..
R13,490.00 R12,140.00
Sleek, compact, yet packing a powerful punch, the M-1 satellite speaker can be used on its own, with..
R3,950.00 R3,320.00
For some time, yacht builders have gone to great lengths incorporating Bowers & Wilkins Custom I..
R8,990.00 R8,091.00
For some time, yacht builders have gone to great lengths incorporating Bowers & Wilkins Custom I..
R10,990.00 R9,891.00
Bowers and Wilkins Nautilus - Award Winning Flagship FloorStanding Speaker - PairIt’s obvious that N..
The multiple-award winning PV1D subwoofer has changed the way people look at bass. Not just beca..
R25,190.00 R24,990.00
If you dream of fantastic sound experiences the EPICON 2 is the perfect escape. Don’t be fooled by t..
R85,000.00 R71,100.00
EPICON 6 Crystal Clear Sound The EPICON 6 is no less that DALI's new reference loudspeaker. Stan..
R169,000.00 R135,000.00
FAZON F5 THE SHAPE OF BRILLIANCE - DALI FAZON F5 This one is something special!  FAZON..
R59,000.00 R47,700.00
FAZON SAT FAZON SAT is a two-way designed satellite speaker including a 4½” mid/woofer with wood ..
R5,900.00 R4,410.00
Small but perfectly formed, the DALI OPTICON 1 stand-mount speaker is curiously capacious with a com..
R11,900.00 R10,790.00
The DALI OPTICON 2 is our second compact stand-mount option that builds upon the power of the OPTICO..
R15,500.00 R13,950.00
DALI OPTICON 5 The DALI OPTICON 5 is the first of the floor-standing options of the OPTICON range..
R24,900.00 R22,490.00
DALI OPTICON 6 Standing a metre high and capable of seriously sonorous sounds, the DALI OPTICON..
R29,990.00 R26,990.00
DALI OPTICON 8 The OPTICON 8 is the pinnacle of the range. A towering floor-stander blessed wit..
R47,000.00 R42,300.00
The OPTICON LCR – a wall-mount model that’s combines the best of all technologies into a slim wall m..
R11,900.00 R10,710.00
DALI OPTICON VOKAL Completing both our OPTICON line-up and any serious home cinema sound system..
R9,700.00 R8,730.00
DALI SPEKTOR 1 The ultra-compact speaker in the range. Built around a 4½” wood fibre woofer and a..
R3,900.00 R3,510.00
DALI SPEKTOR 2 Whilst still being a compact speaker, the SPEKTOR 2’s larger inner volume delivers..
R5,200.00 R4,500.00
DALI SPEKTOR 6 Built around two 6½” woofers and a 25 mm soft dome tweeter, this large floorstandi..
ZENSOR 1   Making sense! That’s what ZENSOR 1 is up to, packing as much legacy and music ..
R5,400.00 R4,410.00
DALI ZENSOR 3 is the newest member of the award winning ZENSOR series. This brand new speaker is dev..
R7,900.00 R6,210.00
ZENSOR 7   Standing 97.8 cm, the flagship model of the series is both noticeable and cont..
R14,900.00 R13,410.00
ZENSOR VOKAL   Blood is thicker than water! Naturally, ZENSOR VOKAL is created specifical..
R4,900.00 R4,140.00
The BP9020 tower speaker is your answer for remarkable, immersive, room-filling sound so you can exp..
On-Wall, On-Shelf Loudspeaker   Let perfromance and elegance fill the room If the look..
High Performance On-wall, On-shelf, On-stand Compact Loudspeaker   Features: The perfe..
High-performance height speaker module for Dolby ATMOS/DTS:X   The A90 height speaker mod..
Definitive Technology AW5500 - all-weather loudspeaker Pair 5-1/4 inch active driver pressure ..
Definitive Technology AW6500 - all-weather loudspeaker Pair 6-1/2 inch active driver pressure ..
The BP9040 tower speaker is your answer for remarkable, immersive, room-filling sound so you can exp..