Swift Motorised Curtain Track 8-9 Meters (60Kg) Double Motor

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Motorised Curtain Track 8-9 Meters (60Kg) Double MotorSwift Motorised Curtain Track 8-9 Meters (60Kg) Double Motor - In-stock and cut to exact length required Voltage Supply 230V AC direct.

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  • In-stock and cut to exact length required
  • Voltage Supply 230V AC direct.
  • The hangers and pulleys are belt driven ensuring precision driving of the curtain
  • The system can run on up to 12m width tracks
  • The allowable curtain weights are shown per track, this is only a guide. You should always use two motors on wide or very heavy tracks!
  • Curtains can open from centre or from any one side if required.
  • The motors are placed on either side to allow for very heavy curtains
  • Comes supplied with one RF remote control (requires two AAA batteries) which can work from up to 80m away in open air and does not require line of sight (i.e. curtains can be controlled from other rooms)
  • The RF receiver is built into the motor
  • Multiple tracks can be operated from one remote either all together or individually (Multi channel remotes are optional extras)
  • A fixed wall controller can also be supplied if required (optional extra)
  • The motors have hard wire Stop, Open, & Close inputs allowing it to be connected to any pulse switch or to a home automation system via a four wire cable.
  • An RS232 to RF 15 Channel controller can be interfaced with a Home Automation system to allow up to 15 curtains or blinds to be controlled by the Home Automation System with out running any cabling.
  • Hooks are supplied for the sub driving wheel and also the motor to allow the curtain to be hooked onto these to totally hide them from view. This also ensures that the motor and cabling remains hidden behind the curtain on either side even when the curtain is fully open
  • The track can be fixed on a side wall or on a ceiling, both brackets are supplied
  • Setting the limits is extremely easy and can be done in a matter of seconds
  • There are separate open, close and stop buttons on the remote control allowing the curtain to be stopped in any position and controlled in the direction that you require


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