Polk RTi A9 Floorstanding Speaker - Pair Black

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Polk RTi A9 Floorstanding SpeakerPolk RTi A9 Floorstanding Speaker - Pair - The flagship of the RTi A series, with three 7 bass drivers and two 5 ¼ midrange drivers, this speaker rocks.Polk RTi A9 Floorstanding Speaker - Pair Black - The flagsh

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The flagship of the RTi A series, with three 7" bass drivers and two 5 ¼" midrange drivers, this speaker rocks. Make RTi A9 the main anchor to your home theater or music system. With a mind blowing 500 watt power capacity, these speakers can take everything you dish at them. Watch high octane action movies in their full glory, or listen to an intimate jazz performance at a lower volume. Rti A9's unique midrange section is also sealed off from the rest of the cabinet, giving the clearest, most articulate midrange in the entire series. RTiA9 sounds rich and full without ignoring detail.

Stereophile's Robert J. Reina loved the speaker saying, "I enjoyed every minute I spent with the RTiA1. The speaker's greatest strengths- the natural and detailed midrange, the excellent bass extension- are unheard of at this size and price, and its minor deviations from neutrality have been so carefully thought out and balanced that I wanted to mine my entire record collection, playing more and more different types of music." 
Curved Cabinet Styling
The cabinets are specially made for both great looks and sound. The real wood finish is available in black or cherry, matching your furniture and room décor. A curved, teardrop, asymmetric shape adds strength as it avoids the typical "box" look of many other home loudspeakers.
Dynamic Balance and Klippel Optimization
Like all high quality Polk speakers, the silk dome tweeters and bicarbonate drivers in all RTi A series speakers are both Dynamic Balance and Klippel Optimized. Klippel Optimization ensures the speaker will perform well at both low and high volumes levels.
Dynamic Balance allows us to see the operation of the components on a microscopic level using lasers to reduce or eliminate artifacts that color the sound. So what do all these features do? When added up, they bring you a gorgeous looking speaker that sounds spectacular everyone in your household will enjoy.
Real Wood Finish
RTi A speakers have Damped Asymmetric Hex Laminate Isolation (DAHLI) cabinet design for clean, accurate sound. The asymmetric design is made from a 6-layer laminate with 5 viscous layers to create the optimal shear damping (OSD) system and one real wood top layer for a beautiful finish.
The process was specifically developed for Polk. Their elegant styling aside, creating curved cabinets not only results in a stronger, more rigid and acoustically inert enclosure, but the curved walls also produce less audible coloration from panel resonances.
Premium Connections
High-quality, Gold plated 5-way Binding Post Inputs ensure snug connections every time. Tower and bookshelf models feature bi-wire and bi-amplification capability. We don't use cheap spring clips or plastic terminals with RTi A series speakers!