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Audico have the largest selection of FloorStanding speakers in South Africa. High-performance floor standing speaker systems for Stereo, Home Theater and custom-installations.

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DESIGN-DRIVEN INNOVATION LENS IN FOCUS The acoustic lens spreads optimal sound quality evenly ..
A highly flexible wireless loudspeaker with smooth high frequencies and an ultra-high-intensity bass..
DISTINCTIVE CHARACTER The shape of BeoLab 3 is distinctive, and without any sharp edges. The acou..
PERFORMANCE DESIGN Form is intricately followed by function. The conical shape allows for an ..
It will not be for everybody, but it will be for the right somebody. BeoLab 90 is our proudest l..
Low-frequency loudspeaker designed for indoor permanent installations. The 502 B loudspeaker feature..
R59,702.00 R53,731.00
Key Features Unique 4 x 5.25" (133 mm) high-excursion woofer configuration provides deep bass ..
R20,201.00 R18,180.00
2-Way Dual 5-1/4" Floorstanding Speaker that features: • High-contrast finish with scratch resist..
R8,990.00 R8,090.00
This package consists of: Boston Acoustics A250 Floor Standings Boston Acoustics A225 Center Spe..
R13,500.00 R12,150.00
Price is for a pair ( two ) 3-way floorstand with dual 6.5'' DCD woofers.    The ..
R12,100.00 R10,890.00
  OVERVIEW Offering exceptional sound at an affordable price, the Boston Acoustics CS 260..
R5,990.00 R5,390.00
The largest speaker in the 600 Series. This floorstander is ideal for audiophile stereo and home the..
R21,990.00 R19,790.00
Room-filling sound without a room-filling speaker cabinet. Slimmer than ever before, the 684 S2 offe..
R15,990.00 R14,390.00
The flagship model in the 800 Series Diamond range is more than a speaker. It’s the culmination of h..
The 802 Diamond is the smaller of the two 'headed' models in the 800 Series Diamond. It offers immen..
R419,990.00 R341,990.00
The 803 Diamond might look almost as imposing as the 802 Diamond, but thanks to its smaller footprin..
R299,990.00 R247,500.00
Bowers and Wilkins 804 D3 Diamond - Pair The 804 Diamond boasts a truly commanding acoustic perfo..
R164,990.00 R132,290.00
Bowers and Wilkins Nautilus - Award Winning Flagship FloorStanding Speaker - PairIt’s obvious that N..
EPICON 6 Crystal Clear Sound The EPICON 6 is no less that DALI's new reference loudspeaker. Stan..
R169,000.00 R135,000.00
EPICON 8 The absolute pinnacle of the EPICON series, the EPICON 8 delivers dramatically rich and ..
R270,000.00 R225,000.00
FAZON F5 THE SHAPE OF BRILLIANCE - DALI FAZON F5 This one is something special!  FAZON..
R59,000.00 R47,700.00
DALI OPTICON 5 The DALI OPTICON 5 is the first of the floor-standing options of the OPTICON range..
R24,900.00 R22,490.00
DALI OPTICON 6 Standing a metre high and capable of seriously sonorous sounds, the DALI OPTICON..
R29,990.00 R26,990.00
DALI OPTICON 8 The OPTICON 8 is the pinnacle of the range. A towering floor-stander blessed wit..
R47,000.00 R42,300.00
RUBICON 5 RUBICON 5 is a floor standing speaker. It expands the sonic performance of the RUBICON ..
R55,000.00 R45,900.00
RUBICON 6 RUBICON 6 is a floor standing speaker that features two 6½ inch woofers. The RUBICON 6 ..
R75,000.00 R59,400.00
RUBICON 8 The floor standing flagship of the RUBICON series, the RUBICON 8, will provide you with..
R98,000.00 R79,200.00
ZENSOR 5   Today, we expect that little extra care and attention, when it comes to perfor..
R12,900.00 R10,710.00
ZENSOR 7   Standing 97.8 cm, the flagship model of the series is both noticeable and cont..
R14,900.00 R13,410.00
  Definitive Technology -BP10B Floor-standing Bipolar Loudspeaker   Bipolar te..
EXPERIENCE EVERY DETAIL OF PURE HOME THEATER Forward Focused Bipolar Array expands your room’s en..
R48,990.00 R24,500.00
Definitive Technology Mythos ST-L SuperTower - Floor Standing Speaker Mythos ST-L Super Tower wit..
Definitive Technology Mythos STS SuperTower - Floor Standing Speaker (Special order only ) Ult..
Technology One 1-inch (25 mm) silk dome decoupled tweeters with Anti-Diffraction WaveGuide and Tw..
All the sound of a concert arena. Minus the price of admission With the JBL Arena 170 floorstandi..
R9,120.00 R7,790.00
A loudspeaker with hard-hitting woofers – at a low-impact price JBL engineers have pioneered the ..
R13,680.00 R11,690.00
As part of the re-introduction of the Forte III, Klipsch will memorialize the launch by offering two..
R93,990.00 R84,590.00
The R-24F floorstanding speaker is able to fill a small to medium sized room with unparralled sound...
R10,390.00 R9,350.00
The R-26F floorstanding speaker is jam-packed with the best in audio technology for room-filling, au..
R12,590.00 R11,490.00
Providing superior Reference Series performance, the R-28F floorstanding speaker is the largest high..
R15,390.00 R13,990.00
The ultimate in Reference Series performance, the RF-7 II tower speaker lets you experience the true..
R74,190.00 R66,771.00
Klipsch RP-250F Reference Premiere Floorstanding Speaker The Reference Premiere RP-250F is the most..
R16,500.00 R14,850.00
Klipsch RP260F Reference Premiere Floorstanding Speaker The Reference Premiere RP-260F floorstand..
R20,590.00 R18,530.00
The Reference Premiere RP-280F floorstanding speaker is the largest in the Reference Premiere family..
R24,190.00 R21,771.00
Built upon the same technology and power as our RP-280F floorstanding speaker, but with an elevation..
R46,990.00 R42,291.00
Built upon the same technology and power as our RP-280F floorstanding speaker, but with an elevation..
The Reference Premiere HD Wireless Floorstanding Speaker brings unbelievably lifelike sound to your ..
R39,990.00 R35,991.00
Monitor Audio Bronze 5 - Floor Standing Speakers  The slender Bronze Five delivers powerful,..
Monitor Audio Bronze 6 - Floor Standing Speaker Pair From the towering Bronze Six, the most compl..
Monitor Audio Gold 200-New Range floor standing  speaker Gold 200, the first of new Gold's flo..
Standing at over a metre tall the Gold 300 is a majestic three-way floor-standing loudspeaker compri..
Monitor Audio MR4 Floorstanding Speaker The MR4 has a 6.5” bass and bass/mid-range driver designs..
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