Amazon Alexa and Control4 : Working Together
14 Jun

Amazon Alexa and Control4 : Working Together

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What if your home could make your life more convenient from the moment you walk in the door? 

“Alexa, turn on Welcome.” 


With Control4 home automation and Amazon Alexa, control your entire home with just your voice. 

“Alexa, turn on Cooking.” 

Simply ask for a hand while you’re making dinner, and then have it bring everyone to the table. 

“Alexa, turn on Dinner Time.” 

“Alexa, dim dining room lights to sixty percent.” 

From entire lighting scenes, to the security system, multi room audio, and even the TV, with Control4 and Amazon Alexa, interact with your home quickly and easily. 

“Alexa, turn off house.” 

And entirely hands free. You can even tell it to go to sleep. Control4 and the Amazon Echo. Voice Command for your entire home. 


These are just some of the hundreds of scenarios by integrating Amazon Alexa and Control4. Even better news than that, is the fact that you can do it yourself, no need to call your dealer.

Check out the video below - and it will explain exactly how Control4 and Alexa integrates in South Africa. Audico have stock of the Amazon Alexa range.

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