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Voice Recorders

Olympus DM-720 - Digital Voice Recorder
R3,990.00 Ex Tax: R3,990.00

  DM-720 Your clever business device. Elegant silver design, an easy-to-use interface ..

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Olympus LS-P4 - Sound Studio Recorder Linear PCM
R4,990.00 Ex Tax: R4,990.00

Please note Olympus shipments make take up to 10 days depending on stock availabilityHigh sound qual..

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Olympus ME33 - Voice Recorder Microphone
R3,190.00 Ex Tax: R3,190.00

ME33 Boundary Microphone The ME33 is a powerful, omni-directional microphone that is purpose-built ..

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Philips DVT1160 - VoiceTracer Audio Recorder
R1,290.00 Ex Tax: R1,290.00

Philips DVT1160 VoiceTracer Audio RecorderDVT1160 FeaturesOptimized for notesVoice-activation functi..

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Philips Pocket Memo - Meeting Recorder System - DPM8900
R21,600.00 Ex Tax: R21,600.00

PocketMemo Meeting Recorder DPM8900 360-degree sound pick-up for optimal recording High re..

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Philips Voice Tracer DVT1150 - Voice Recorder
R1,290.00 Ex Tax: R1,290.00

VoiceTracer Audio recorder DVT1150 Optimized for notes Voice activation function for hands-free ..

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Philips Voice Tracer DVT2710 - Voice Recorder incl Dragon Speech software
R2,490.00 Ex Tax: R2,490.00

VoiceTracer Audio recorder DVT2710 Optimized for notes Dragon speech recognition soft..

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