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Garden Speakers

Klipsch PRO-10SW Outdoor Rock Subwoofer

Get serious rumble in the jungle with the PRO-10SW-RK landscape rock subwoofer. The lifelike rock de..

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Klipsch PRO-500T Landscape Outdoor Garden Satellite Speaker
R9,250.00 Ex Tax: R9,250.00

The world’s most dynamic, powerful, detailed sound for your outdoor living space - The Pro-500T-LS l..

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Klipsch PRO-650T - Outdoor Rock Speaker
R9,890.00 Ex Tax: R9,890.00

Housed in a lifelike landscape aesthetic and leveraging the same high performance acoustic design ph..

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Klipsch PRO-650T-LS Landscape Outdoor Garden Satellite Speaker
R12,290.00 Ex Tax: R12,290.00

Your music doesn't have to be contained within the four walls of your home. The Klipsch Pro-650T-LS ..

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Monitor Audio CLG-W12 - Outdoor Passive Subwoofer
R33,850.00 Ex Tax: R33,850.00

The CLG-W12 is a passive subwoofer. Optimised for discreet sub-surface installation, its proprietary..

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Monitor Audio CLG140 - Climate Garden Speaker - Each
R5,990.00 Ex Tax: R5,990.00

The CLG140 satellite is a robust high sensitivity design built to deliver richly detailed hi-fi qual..

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Monitor Audio CLG160 Satelite Outdoor Speaker
R7,490.00 Ex Tax: R7,490.00

Suitable for ground level installation within the garden and around decking areas or mounted onto a ..

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