Bowers & Wilkins launches their Formation range (at last)

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A few months behind schedule Bowers & Wilkins have finally released their Formation range to the world. This is a long anticipated range that Bowers & Wilkins have hinted about for some time. Essentially it is their answer to the ever-growing WiFi speaker market, and hopes to take a small piece of the Sonos pie. 

The delay in the range meant they had some problems, but these seem to all be sorted out, and voilla 4 sparkling, and "different" looking speakers have made it to the fore.

First on their list is the Formation Duo, elegantly styled in B&W fashion. It sits somewhere in-between the 705S2 and 805D3 design, and features their patented Carbon dome tweeter design, which has been a strongpoint of the new 700 series wired speakers.Their catch phrase is "wired fidelity wirelessly" - this could be a game changer should all go well! Below the isolated tweeter you will naturally find the larger bass and midrange driver.

Whilst not yet available in South Africa (whispers have it landing in June 2019), we really are excited for the range, and will keep you posted on auditions.

Next on their agenda is the Formation Wedge. It quite literally looks like a bite out of the Zeppelin, which is ok with us as the Zeppelin is sweet! We're not quite convinced on the form factor - but hey, different has worked for them before. I guess seeing it in real life might make us fans. Supporting WiFi, Bluetooth, Airplay2,Spotify, Connect and Roon - it fits in with its rivals in the stream, so the real test will be how they perform - which, lets be honest (they're B&W's) so they should blow all the rivals out the water! Time will tell how the market adapts to non-conform shapes.

Of course no WiFi multiroom system would be without a SoundBar and Subwoofer - enter the Formation Bar and Formation Bass. A "kinda" more traditional design from the artistic crafters at Bowers & Wilkins. The Formation Bar and Formation Bass have a PV1D feel about them, and was no doubt a conscious or subconcious inspiration. We really like the look of these two, and if they're making them look like a PV1D, then they must sound like thunder. We've reserved a wall for this sexy duo.



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