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AMC EVAC5EN - Voice Evacuation Metal Ceiling Loudspeaker
R1,656.00R1,490.00 Ex Tax: R1,490.00

EVAC 5EN are 6W ceiling loudspeaker with built-in 100V transformer with power taps, metal grill, ste..

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AMC EVACW 5 - Surface Mount Voice Evacuation Loudspeaker
R1,299.00R1,169.00 Ex Tax: R1,169.00

EVACW 5 6 W metal cabinet loudspeakers with built-in 100V transformer and 5" (127 mm) full range spe..

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AMC HQ10EN - Plastic Horn Loudspeaker EN54-24 Standard
R2,813.00R2,531.00 Ex Tax: R2,531.00

HQ 10EN plastic horn speakers 10W at 340Hz – 16kHz range. HQ 10EN high quality horn speakers for voi..

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AMC ICOM 2X20 - Communication Amplifier
R5,574.00R5,016.00 Ex Tax: R5,016.00

iCOM 2X20 two channel communication amplifiers. Designed for small size applications. D class power ..

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AMC ICOMC 2X20 - Communication Amplifier
R6,573.00R5,915.00 Ex Tax: R5,915.00

iCOMC 2X20 two channel communication amplifiers with RS232 interface and IR remote control. Designed..

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AMC iPlay 4T - Wall Mount Loudspeaker
R1,373.00R1,235.00 Ex Tax: R1,235.00

iPlay 4T is ABS plastic housing with aluminium grill cabinet loudspeakers, 30W rated power. For indo..

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AMC MA-120 - Mixing Amplifiers
R10,731.00R9,657.00 Ex Tax: R9,657.00

MA120 mixing amplifier for desktop or rack mount. 120W rated power mixing amplifier. Four microphone..

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AMC MA-240 - Mixing Amplifiers
R12,395.00R11,155.00 Ex Tax: R11,155.00

MA 240N mixing amplifier for desktop or rack mount. 240W rated power mixing amplifier. Four micropho..

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AMC MA-30X - Mixing Amplifier
R4,576.00R4,118.00 Ex Tax: R4,118.00

MA 30X Compact size mixing amplifiers for music and speech. 30W power, low and high impedance output..

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AMC MA-60 - Mixing Amplifier
R9,566.00R8,609.00 Ex Tax: R8,609.00

MA60 mixing amplifier for desktop or rack mount. 60W rated power mixing amplifier. Four microphone a..

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AMC MA2X100 - Mixing Amplifier
R12,062.00R10,855.00 Ex Tax: R10,855.00

MA2X100 mixing amplifiers designed for background music reproduction in medium and small size areas,..

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AMC MC4EN - Metal Ceiling Loudspeaker EN54-24 Standard
R949.00R854.00 Ex Tax: R854.00

MC 4EN is designed for use in voice evacuation and voice alarm applications for clear and intelligib..

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AMC MC4TA - Metal Ceiling Loudspeaker
R451.00R405.00 Ex Tax: R405.00

MC 4TA 4 inch 6 W high sensitivity full range ceiling loudspeakers. Light paper diaphragm and high e..

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AMC MMA-120 - Five Zone Mixing Amplifiers with Interchangeable Module
R13,891.00R12,501.00 Ex Tax: R12,501.00

MMA120 five zone mixing amplifiers: 120W rated output power. Amplifier is designed for background mu..

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AMC MMA-120X - Five Zone Mixing Amplifiers
R15,056.00R13,550.00 Ex Tax: R13,550.00

MMA 120X five zone D class mixing amplifiers for commercial and industrial applications. 120W rated ..

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AMC PC-5TX - Ceiling Loudspeaker
R792.00R712.00 Ex Tax: R712.00

PC 5TX 5 inch 10 W coaxial ceiling loudspeakers. Almost the same structure and specifications as PC5..

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AMC Power Box 5 - Powered System Speaker
R4,908.00R4,417.00 Ex Tax: R4,417.00

Power Box 5 pair of loudspeakers consisting of loudspeaker with built–in 2x20W stereo amplifier and ..

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AMC Power Box 5R Black - Powered System Speaker
R4,132.00R3,720.00 Ex Tax: R3,720.00

Power Box 5R pair of loudspeakers consisting of loudspeaker with built–in 2x15W stereo amplifier and..

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AMC SP10EN - Plastic Sound Projectors EN54-24 Standard
R2,829.00R2,546.00 Ex Tax: R2,546.00

SP 10EN plastic 10W power sound projectors. Quality sound, U-bracket mount, 100V transformer power t..

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AMC VIVA 5 - Wall Mount Plastic Loudspeaker
R2,222.00R2,000.00 Ex Tax: R2,000.00

VIVA 5 the first speaker of a totally new design series speakers from AMC. Elegant contemporary desi..

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AMC W-10 - Wall Mount Loudspeaker
R459.00R413.00 Ex Tax: R413.00

W 10 are 10W ABS plastic cabinet loudspeakers with built in 100V transformer and 4" (101 mm) full ra..

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