Low power consumption with stage lighting by LED. Compared to conventional light sources in the event area stage lighting with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are characterized by a particularly low power consumption. An LED converts about 95 percent of electricity into light, while a conventional light bulb only has a conversion rate of about five percent. In a halogen lamp, there are only 15 to 30 percent of the electricity used, which is converted into light. The LED lighting technology, making it more energy efficient and much more environmentally friendly.With stage lighting via LED nobody starts sweating. The low heat output of LED lighting technology is particularly vorteilig for lighting technicians and artists. The lights can be used touched by hand while. They also do not require cooling down after the event and can be mined directly. The control electronics of the stage lighting is hardly prone to problems that can cause conventional lamps with high heat generation problems. For the artist in the spotlight this stage lighting is extremely pleasant. He feels only a low heat radiation. Headlights can thus also quite close to the artist or object to be placed. An LED stage lighting needs hardly any maintenance. LEDs have a much longer life than other light sources. Functioning classic lamps no longer after a few hundred to a thousand hours LEDs last 50,000 to 100,000 hours. The long service life, they are to use inexpensive and rarely need to be serviced, which significantly reduces the maintenance costs of the stage lighting. Due to the low heat loss not or if only light fans are also necessary. The typical "fan noise" is reduced or eliminated completely, which can cause interference in other lighting systems. The LED lighting technology is due to the small or missing fan significantly lighter and more compact. Rich and bright colors with high light output. A stage lighting with LEDs generates bright light in bright colors. In contrast to conventional headlamps no superior color filters are required. The LEDs themselves project the colors, as in a spotlight usually the RGB colors red, green and blue are installed as LEDs. This can be used produce any color. All you need is a spotlight. The low power consumption of LEDs also has a positive impact on the power grid in smaller venues. Since z. B. Power for instruments, amplifiers and audio effects processors is also required at a concert next to the stage lighting, the power grid is hereby spared.

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