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Dali Oberon 3 (White) incl Sonos Amp - Stereo Streaming Combo 1
R29,980.00R24,990.00 Ex Tax: R24,990.00

A powerful streaming package perfect for your entertainment area - invite your friends, put on your ..

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Dali Oberon 3 - Bookshelf Speakers - Pair
R11,990.00R7,999.00 Ex Tax: R7,999.00

DALI OBERON 3 The larger stand-mount DALI OBERON 3 brings the best of both worlds. Combining the ..

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Dali Oberon 7 - Floor Standing Speakers - Pair
R24,990.00R16,990.00 Ex Tax: R16,990.00

DALI OBERON 7 The floor-standing DALI OBERON 7 speaker is a true showcase of DALI ideas, traditio..

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Dali Oberon On-Wall - On Wall Speakers - Pair
R12,990.00R8,990.00 Ex Tax: R8,990.00

DALI OBERON ON-WALL The DALI OBERON ON-WALL is a slim, discreet and surprisingly powerful on-wall..

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Dali Phantom E60S - Single Stereo Ceiling Speaker
R4,990.00R2,750.00 Ex Tax: R2,750.00

The PHANTOM E-60 S is our first in-ceiling stereo speaker. Featuring two 20 mm tweeters, its compact..

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Dali Spektor 6 - Floorstanding Speakers
R14,990.00R7,990.00 Ex Tax: R7,990.00

DALI SPEKTOR 6 Built around two 6½” woofers and a 25 mm soft dome tweeter, this large floorstandi..

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Dali Spektor Vokal - Affordable Center Speaker
R4,490.00R2,990.00 Ex Tax: R2,990.00

Taking centre stage, the SPEKTOR VOKAL delivers clarity and depth to any movie. The two 4½” woofers ..

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Pioneer Dali Home Cinema Package - Complete Home Cinema Package
R38,196.00 Ex Tax: R38,196.00

A prominent feature of the Spektor 6s is how big and effortless they sound. The floorstanders easily..

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Dali Opticon 6 - Floorstanding Speaker - Tobacco Oak Pair
R69,990.00R34,990.00 Ex Tax: R34,990.00

DALI OPTICON 6 Standing a metre high and capable of seriously sonorous sounds, the DALI OPTICON 6..

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Dali Opticon LCR - On-wall speaker (Each)
R16,990.00 Ex Tax: R16,990.00

The OPTICON LCR – a wall-mount model that’s combines the best of all technologies into a slim wall m..

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Dali Opticon Vokal - Centre Speaker
R14,990.00R5,990.00 Ex Tax: R5,990.00

DALI OPTICON VOKAL Completing both our OPTICON line-up and any serious home cinema sound system, ..

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Dali Fazon LCR - Wall Mounted Speaker
R9,990.00 Ex Tax: R9,990.00

FAZON LCR By combining appealing Danish design, genuine materials and excellence in driver- and s..

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