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Tannoy CVS 4 In-ceiling Speaker - Each
R1,990.00 Ex Tax: R1,990.00

Tannoy CVS 4  in-ceiling speaker he CVS4 is Tannoy entry-level in-ceiling loudspeaker combin..

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Tannoy CVS 6 In-ceiling Speaker - Each
R2,590.00 Ex Tax: R2,590.00

Tannoy CVS 6 in-ceiling speaker Delivering full bandwidth sound and versatile mounting and set-up o..

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Tannoy CVS 8 In-Ceiling Speakers - Each
R2,990.00 Ex Tax: R2,990.00

Tannoy  CVS 8 In-Ceiling Speakers Topping Tannoy’s CVS in ceiling range, the large format CV..

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Tannoy Reveal 402 - Studio Monitor - Each
R2,390.00 Ex Tax: R2,390.00

Tannoy Reveal 402 Studio Monitor (sold each) Don’t be fooled by Reveal 402’s compact size. Deca..

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Tannoy Reveal 502 - Studio Monitor - Each
R2,820.00 Ex Tax: R2,820.00

Reveal 502 delivers absolutely premium tonal clarity utilizing literally decades of experience in lo..

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Tannoy Reveal 802 - Studio Monitor - Each
R5,390.00 Ex Tax: R5,390.00

Mixing bass-heavy hiphop or electronic music? Reveal 802 has you covered. Make no mistake, this is t..

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Tannoy TM1 - Complete Recording Package with Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone
R2,890.00 Ex Tax: R2,890.00

Package of TM1 microphone, shock mount with integrated pop shield, 20' (6 m) XLR cable and dust cove..

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