Most people enjoy music. But some people are passionate about it. So are we! Music should be reproduced - in our opinion - exactly the way the artist intended, because nothing - absolutely nothing - should get in the way of the music. That's why we at Marantz have only one philosophy: "Because Music Matters."

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AV7704 - AV Pre-Amplifier Overview For those building the ultimate home entertainment system, the ..
R44,990.00 R40,490.00
AV8802A Network A/V Preamplifier   Experience the ultimat..
R82,990.00 R74,691.00
AV8805 - AV Pre-Amplifier Overview The versatile Marantz AV8805 pre-amplifier redefines the audi..
R82,990.00 R74,690.00
Marantz CD5005 Cd Player The new CD5005 incorporates everything its predecessor, the CD5004, offe..
R6,690.00 R6,020.00
What HiFi? Awards Winner 2018 Marantz CD6006 - CD Player (What HiFi Awards 2016)   ..
R9,990.00 R8,990.00
Marantz HD-AMP1 High-Class Compact Amplifier This newly-developed Marantz HD-AMP1 is a High-Class c..
R23,990.00 R21,590.00
The HD-CD1 is a high-quality CD player in the same compact form as the HD-AMP1 amplifier, for which ..
R13,990.00 R12,590.00
Marantz HD-DAC1 Headphone Amplifier with DAC-mode This ultra-high q..
R16,990.00 R14,840.00
Marantz M-CR511  Melody Media Wireless Music System This easy-to-use unit is your open doorway..
R10,990.00 R9,890.00
Marantz M-CR611 Melody Media Wireless Music System The moment you see the M-CR611 you’ll know that ..
R14,990.00 R13,490.00
The MM7025 is this year’s ideal two-channel main amplifier with a whopping 140W rms into 8 ohms per ..
R18,990.00 R17,090.00
The new MM7055 is the five-channel option in this year’s extended line-up of main amplifiers. Based ..
R26,990.00 R24,290.00
Marantz MM8077 Power Amplifier Designed for the ultimate music and movie surround sound experience,..
R40,990.00 R36,890.00
Marantz NA6005 Network Audio Player Enjoy a thrilling high-resolution audio experience with the M..
R15,990.00 R12,231.00
ND8006 Overview Marantz design engineers have taken everything we learned in developing the Pr..
R24,990.00 R22,490.00
Marantz NR1509 Slim 5.2 Channel AV Receiver with HEOS With a slim profile that never sacrifices per..
R11,990.00 R10,790.00
Marantz NR1609 Slim 7.2 Channel AV Receiver with HEOS With a slim profile that doesn’t sacrifice pe..
R14,990.00 R13,490.00
  With a fully discrete current feedback design, ..
R26,990.00 R24,290.00
The new reference class Integrated amplifier Four switching power amplifier channels in bridg..
R145,990.00 R131,390.00
1 speaker system, 2 x 90W, new HDAM, shielded toroidal power transformer, 3-stage amplification conc..
R52,990.00 R47,690.00
Marantz PM5005 Integrated Stereo Amplifier New to the Marantz collection, this excellent entry-le..
R7,590.00 R6,830.00
Winner of the What HiFi? Awards 2018 The PM6006 is an upgraded successor of the multi-award-w..
R12,990.00 R11,690.00
Marantz PM7005 Integrated Stereo Amplifier The PM7005 is a fully discrete, current feedback integ..
R20,990.00 R17,090.00
Marantz SA-14S1  SACD Players The new SA-14S1 includes an oversized Toroidal transformer and..
R54,990.00 R44,991.00
SA-10 Super Audio CD player with USB DAC and digital inputs All-new SACD-M3 transport mechan..
R136,990.00 R123,290.00
Marantz SR-7013 11.2 Channel AV Receiver Overview Marantz has long set the standard for AV r..
R39,990.00 R35,990.00
7.2 Channel Full 4K Ultra HD Network AV Surround Receiver with HEOS and Alexa voice Packed with the..
R19,990.00 R17,990.00
9.2 Channel Full 4K Ultra HD Network AV Surround Receiver with HEOS and Alexa voice Immerse yoursel..
R29,990.00 R26,990.00
9.2 Channel Full 4K Ultra HD Network AV Surround Receiver with HEOS Now available – control with Am..
R39,990.00 R35,990.00
SR8012 - AV Receiver Overview Experience the peak of Marantz AV expertise in the new flagship SR80..
R62,990.00 R56,690.00
Analogue purists behold: the TT-15S1 Premium Range turntable is here. It has a solid acrylic resin c..
R38,990.00 R35,090.00
Thanks to the built-in phono equalizer the TT5005 is an easy to set-up turntable that can work with ..
R4,990.00 R4,490.00

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