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Goldring 1006 Cartridge
R5,090.00 Ex Tax: R5,090.00

Goldring 1006-mm is designed for owners who want to get the very best from their systems at an affor..

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Goldring 1012GX Cartridge
R7,390.00 Ex Tax: R7,390.00

Goldring 1012GX uses the acclaimed Gyger II diamond stylus. This is a fine line type which gives smo..

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Goldring 1022GX Cartridge
R7,790.00 Ex Tax: R7,790.00

Goldring 1022GX is recommended for the discerning listener. The diamond stylus is a Gyger-1 fine lin..

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Goldring 1042 Cartridge
R8,990.00 Ex Tax: R8,990.00

Goldring 1042 is a cartridge for the audiophile who demands the ultimate performance from his system..

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Goldring 2300 Cartridge
R7,000.00 Ex Tax: R7,000.00

Goldring 2300 CartridgeUse of the acclaimed Gyger II fine line diamond offers high clarity and excel..

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Goldring 2400 Cartridge
R9,000.00 Ex Tax: R9,000.00

Goldring 2400 Cartridge Increased resolution is gained by the use of a low mass Vital diamond in a ..

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Goldring 2500 Cartridge
R10,500.00 Ex Tax: R10,500.00

Goldring 2500 Cartridge For use on the finest turntables, where a high output moving magnet cartrid..

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Goldring Eroica H Cartridge
R9,000.00 Ex Tax: R9,000.00

Goldring Eroica H Cartridge The Eroica is a true audiophile moving coil cartridge which features an..

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Milty ZeroStat Anti-Static Pistol
R1,800.00 Ex Tax: R1,800.00

The Milty Zerostat 3 Anti-Static Gun is a device that uses static electricity to remove dust from su..

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